The Oregon Department of Energy is developing a strategic plan that will focus on the energy programs and issues that are most important to Oregonians.
The process will help us:
  • ​Define our organizational values and improve internal operations to shape how we work together and serve our mission
  • Clearly prioritize and define ODOE's work, which can also help to build a better understanding from  –  and stronger collaboration with  –  ​stakeholders
  • Measure progress and strengthen alignment between agency goals, programs, and budget.
Coraggio Group​, based in Portland, is serving as our consultant.

Elements of our strategic plan will include:
  • Vision: what is the idea future state we are trying to create?
  • Mission: what is our purpose? What are we here to make happen?
  • Values: what are the fundamental beliefs that shape how we work together and serve our mission?
  • Reputation: what do we want to be known for? What is the enduring perception or emotion that describes the total experience of our organization?
  • Position: what unique and sustainable value do we deliver, where do we deliver, and for whom?
  • Strategic Imperatives: what must be accomplished over the planning horizon?
  • Objectives: how will we measure success?
  • Initiatives: what collective actions do we need to take that are transformative in nature?

Thanks to everyone for participating in our strategic planning survey in October 2019. Check back on this page for future updates as we continue our strategic planning effort. 

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