The Oregon Department of Energy helps Oregon individuals, businesses, nonprofits, tribes, and other organizations complete energy-saving and renewable energy projects.
​ODOE Financial and Incentive Programs

Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program

Funds solar and solar with paired storage systems. The Oregon Legislature allocated an additional $10 million to the program in 2021, and ODOE is now accepting applications.
Rural & Agricultural Energy Audit Program

Provides dollars for energy audits of rural small businesses and agricultural producers. ODOE is now accepting interest forms. 
EE Rebuild.png
Energy Efficient Wildfire Rebuilding Incentive

Incentivizes energy efficient rebuilding of residential and commercial structures destroyed during the 2020 Labor Day wildfires. ODOE is conducting rulemaking in hopes of a February 2022 program launch.
Community Renewable Energy Grant Program

Provides grants for planning and developing community r​​enewable energy and energy resilience projects. ODOE is conducting rulemaking in hopes of a Spring 2022 program launch.​
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Other​ Incentive Programs

Energy projects may also be eligible for other state and federal incentive programs:

Several ODOE incentive programs sunset (ended) at the end of 2017:

Other ODOE programs helped Oregonians complete energy projects:

If you purchase certain renewable energy or energy efficient devices, you may be eligible for rebates or incentives from other state, federal, or utility programs . ​
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