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​​​​​​​​​The Oregon Department of Energy helps Oregon individuals, businesses, nonprofits, tribes, and other organizations complete energy-saving and renewable energy projects.
​ODOE Financial and Incentive Programs

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Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program

Funds solar and solar with paired storage systems for homeowners and for organizations that serve people with low or moderate incomes (low-income service providers).
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Energy Efficient Wildfire Rebuilding Incentive

Incentivizes energy efficient rebuilding of residential and commercial structures destroyed during the 2020 Labor Day wildfires. 
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​Heat Pum​p Incentive Programs

The Community Heat Pump Deployment Program began recruiting eligible Regional Ad​ministrators to roll out programs across the state.​

The Oregon Rental Homes Heat Pump Program​ offers rebates for installing heat pumps and related upgrades in rental dwellings and manufactured homes or recreational vehicles in a rented space.  ​
Community Renewable Energy Grant Program

Provides grants for planning and developing community renewable​ energy and energy resilience projects. ​​
Rural & Agricultural Energy Assistance Program

Provides funding for energy audits of rural small businesses and agricultural producers. ODOE is now accepting interest forms. 
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​Grid Resili​ence Grant Program

Provides grants to Oregon electric utilities to support projects that strengthen the resilience of the electric grid. First round of grant applications due June 14, 2024.

​Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program

Provides grants to eligible local governments for energy efficiency, renewable energy, or transportation-related projects. ODOE will award grants on a rolling basis. First round of grant applications due May 21, 2024.
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County Energy Resilience Grant Program

​Provides grants of up to $50,000 per Oregon county for the development of energy resilience plans. Counties may apply individually or in a cohort.
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Federal Incentive Programs

ODOE expects to have new programs on the horizon thanks to the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act. Learn ​more about the opportunities we are tracking​. ​

Specific Programs:

Other​ Incentive Programs

Energy projects may also be eligible for other state and federal incentive programs:

Several ODOE incentive programs sunset (ended) at the end of 2017:

Other ODOE programs helped Oregonians complete energy projects:

If you purchase certain renewable energy or energy efficient devices, you may be eligible for rebates or incentives from other state, federal, or utility programs . ​