HB 2618​ (2019) created a new solar and solar plus storage rebate program at the Oregon Department of Energy.

ODOE staff will be working to stand up the program this fall, with an anticipated launch date of January 1, 2020.

About the Program

HB 2618 created a new rebate program for solar electric systems and paired solar and solar storage systems installed for residential customers and low-income service providers in Oregon. ODOE has $2 million allocated for rebates and program administration.

Program funds will be used to issue solar and solar storage system rebates, which are paid to the installing contractor of the system. The rebate amount will be passed on to the customer as savings on the net cost of the system.

Twenty-five percent of the rebate budget to be reserved for low- and moderate-income households and low-income service providers. No more than 50 percent of the rebate budget will be used for low-income service providers. 

Rebates may cover up to 40 percent of the net cost for a residential system installed for a customer that is not considered low- or moderate-income, and up to 60 percent of net cost for a low-income customer or low-income service provider. For residential projects, the maximum rebate is $5,000 for a solar electric system and $2,500 for an energy storage system. For low-income service providers, the caps are $30,000 for solar electric and $15,000 for an energy storage system. 


The Oregon Department of Energy is conducting rulemaking this fall to create Administrative Rules to govern the program, including:
  • ​Application process
  • Eligibility requirements, including definitions of low- and moderate-income and low-income service providers
  • Allocating rebates
  • Issuing rebates
  • Compliance
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Program Timeline

Date ​Milestone
​June 2019 ​HB 2618 passed by the Oregon Legislature
​August 9, 2019 ​HB 2618 signed by Governor Brown
​September 29, 2019 ​HB 2618 effective date (91 days after sine die)
​Fall 2019 Program rulemaking process
​January 1, 2020 ​Anticipated program launch date
More info coming soon.
HB 2618​

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