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Our Vision

A safe, equitable, clean, and sustainable future.

Our Mission

The Oregon Department of Energy helps Oregonians make informed decisions and maintain a resilient and affordable energy system. We advance solutions to shape an equitable clean energy transition, protect the environment and public health, and responsibly balance energ​y needs and impacts for current and future generations.

Our Values

  • ​We listen and aspire to be inclusive and equitable in our work.
  • We are ethical and conduct our work with integrity.  
  • We are accountable and fiscally responsible in our work and the decisions of our agency. 
  • We are innovative and focus on problem-solving to address the challenges and opportunities in Oregon's energy sector.
  • We conduct our agency practices and processes in a transparent and fair way.

What We Do

On behalf of Oregonians across the state, the Oregon Department of Energy achieves its mission by providing:

  • ​​A Central Repository of Energy Data, Information, and Analysis: We research, collect, and analyze data and information to inform state energy planning, regulation, program administration, and policy development. 
  • A Venue for Problem-Solving Oregon's Energy Challenges: We convene constructive conversations about Oregon's energy challenges and opportunities that consider a diverse range of perspectives, foster collaboration and innovative solutions, and facilitate the sharing of best practices with consumers and stakeholders. 
  • Energy Education and Technical Assistance: We provide technical assistance, educational resources, and advice to support policy makers, local governments, industry, energy stakeholders, and the general public in solving energy challenges and meeting Oregon's energy, economic, and climate goals. 
  • Regulation and Oversight: We manage the responsible siting of energy facilities in the state, regulate the transport and disposal of radioactive materials, and represent Oregon's interests at the Hanford Nuclear Site.  
  • Energy Programs and Activities: We manage and administer statutorily authorized energy programs to save energy, support the state's decarbonization efforts, make communities more resilient, and position Oregon to lead by example. 

​About Us

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