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Our Vision

A safe, equitable, clean, and sustainable future.

Our Mission

The Oregon Department of Energy helps Oregonians make informed decisions and maintain a resilient and affordable energy system. We advance solutions to shape an equitable clean energy transition, protect the environment and public health, and responsibly balance energ​y needs and impacts for current and future generations.

Our Values

  • ​We listen and aspire to be inclusive and equitable in our work.
  • We are ethical and conduct our work with integrity.  
  • We are accountable and fiscally responsible in our work and the decisions of our agency. 
  • We are innovative and focus on problem-solving to address the challenges and opportunities in Oregon's energy sector.
  • We conduct our agency practices and processes in a transparent and fair way.

What We Do

On behalf of Oregonians across the state, the Oregon Department of Energy achieves its mission by providing:

​About Us

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