Our mission: Leading Oregon to a safe, clean, and sustainable energy future.
State Capitol
At the Oregon Department of Energy, we’re dedicated to leading Oregon to a safe, clean, and sustainable energy future – one where our state stays on the leading edge of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

This means reliable, accessible energy for every Oregonian. It means safe, secure energy systems with diverse resources that can withstand change, including emergencies. And it means a commitment to new energy generation that meets our state’s needs – both now and well into the future.

ODOE is focused on helping Oregon remain an energy leader and reach our state’s energy and climate goals.

We’re also fully committed to ensuring our work supports the state of Oregon’s relevant long-term areas of focus. These in turn drive our agency’s core value of providing service to every Oregonian in the state:

  1. Excellence in state government
  2. Responsible environmental stewardship
  3. Safer, healthier communities
  4. A thriving Oregon economy

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