To help us develop programs and policies that will best serve Oregonians, the Oregon Department of Energy seeks input from energy experts and community members.

Current advisory and stakeholder groups are listed below.

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Current ODOE Advisory & Stakeholder Groups

Built Environment Efficiency Working Group ​The BEEWG is working to implement Governor Brown's Executive Order 17-20, with directives to improve energy efficiency, boost electric vehicle adoption, and support actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state.
Energy Advisory Work Group ​Reviews and makes recommendations for ODOE's budget; legislative concepts; and planning, policy, and technical analyses.
​Energy Code Stakeholder ​Panel​
​This panel is working to implement Governor Brown's Executive Order 20-04, and will discuss energy code development and code specifications and calculations, and will inform ODOE's code consultation to Oregon’s Building Codes Division.
Home Energy Performance Score Stakeholder Panel ​Helps ODOE implement and update the home energy performance score system rules in Oregon.
Oregon Geothermal Working Group ​Promotes the use of Oregon's geothermal resources for power generation and direct use.
Oregon Hanford Cleanup Board ​Provides input to the United States Department of Energy and its regulators on the Hanford cleanup.
Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) Stakeholder Meetings ​Discusses whether zero emissions claims on imported electricity affect a REC's eligibility for the Oregon Renewable Portfolio Standard.
Renewable Natural Gas Advisory Committee (SB 334) ​Supports the implementation of SB 334, committee provides input on developing and promoting renewable natural gas in Oregon.
​Small-Scale Energy Loan Program Advisory Committee (SELPAC) ​Makes recommendations on loan applications for the Small-Scale Energy Loan Program.
Zero Emission Vehicle Interagency Working Group (ZEVIWG) ​The ZEVIWG is tasked with implementing Governor Kate Brown's Executive Order 17-21, which creates a state-wide goal to increase the number of zero-emission vehicles in the stat​e to 50,000 by the end of 2020.

Groups Appointed by Oregon's Governor/Legislature
​These groups are appointed by Oregon's Governor or Legislature. ODOE staff provide support.
Energy Facility Siting Council ​​Responsible for overseeing the development of large electric generating facilities, high voltage transmission lines, gas pipelines, radioactive waste disposal sites, and other projects.
Oregon Global Warming Commission ​​Recommends ways to coordinate state and local efforts to reduce Oregon's greenhouse gas emissions, and to recommend efforts to prepare for the effects of climate change.

ODOE Participation in Groups Hosted by Other Agencies/Organizations
Oregon Forest Biomass Working Group ​Forum for sharing, problem solving, and knowledge creation relating to forest biomass. Also offers education, strategic recommendations, and advice regarding biomass.
Oregon ​Ocean Policy Advisory Council ​Makes recommendations on ocean policy, ranging from ocean-based energy generation to developing marine reserves in the territorial sea.
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