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Salem, OR 97301
Our office is open 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone: 503-378-4040​
Toll-free: 800-221-8035​
Fax: ​503-373-7806

ODOE is supporting a hybrid remote/in-office schedule for most staff members, so please reach out if you are trying to connect with a specific team member. You can keep an eye on ODOE’s events calendar for upcoming meetings and information about whether they will be in person, virtual, or both. You can also sign up to receive email updates to hear about opportunities to get involved and updates on the energy topics you care about.

​Energy Incentive Programs
​Government Relations
Christy Splitt
​Human Resources
Linda Bures

​Media Contact
Jennifer Kalez
​Public Records Request
​​Online Portal

​​​All Staff Directory


Director's Office

Janine BennerDirector503-378-4040
Stacey HeubergerOffice Operations Analyst503-400-5921
VacantInternal Auditor503-378-4040


Jennifer KalezCommunications Director / Media Contact503-480-9239
Erica EuenPublic Affairs Specialist503-881-9075
Erica HertzschPublic Affairs Specialist503-931-1942

Strategic Engagement

Ruchi SadhirAssociate Director, Strategic Engagement & Development / Tribal Liaison971-209-0996
Michelle Miller HarringtonPolicy Analyst/Public Records Requests503-931-1469
Kaci RadcliffeProgram Analyst / Project Manager503-400-5426
Angela SingletonRural Energy Coordinator971-304-8139
Christy SplittGovernment Relations Coordinator503-510-4473

Human Resources

Linda BuresAssociate Director, Human Resources503-400-0926
Jenifer SmithHuman Resource Analyst971-304-6795
Kate SteeleHuman Resource Analyst971-240-7520


Alan ZelenkaAssistant Director, Energy Planning & Innovation541-228-6331
Linda RossDivision Assistant503-339-6165

​​Technology & Policy

Jessica ReichersEnergy Technology & Policy Manager971-209-8039
Zach BakerSenior Climate Policy Analyst: Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Climate Change, Oregon Global Warming Commission, Transformative Integrated Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan Climate Vulnerability Assessment503-510-8133 
VACANTSenior Energy Policy Analyst: Clean Energy, Renewable Energy, Renewable Portfolio Standard, Community Renewables, Voluntary Renewable Energy, Small Scale Community Renewables Study503-378-4040
Rob Del MarSenior Policy Analyst: Solar, Community Renewable Energy Program, Geothermal, Central Oregon Regional Solutions503-302-7027
Evan EliasEnergy Analyst: Transportation and Fuels503-510-1462
Michael FreelsSenior Policy Analyst: Natural Gas and Alternative Fuels503-551-6873
Bilal JonesEnergy Research Analyst503-689-0773
Stephanie Riche BolesSenior Energy Economist503-378-4040
Adam SchultzElectricity & Markets Policy Group Lead: COUs, BPA, Electricity Resilience, Demand Response, Distributed Generation, Electricity Markets, Regional Transmission Operators, Independent System Operators, RTO Study, Federal Columbia River Power System503-580-1398
Jason SiermanSenior Policy Analyst: Electricity, IOUs, Transmission, Storage, Smart Grid, Offshore Wind, Marine Energy, Offshore Wind Study503-930-5005
Wendy SimonsEnergy Policy Analyst: Legislative Coordination, Rules Coordination, Agriculture971-707-0044
Rebecca SmithSenior Policy Analyst: Transportation Electrification, Renewable Hydrogen, Power to Gas, Renewable Hydrogen Study, Alternative Fuels, Natural Gas503-931-3340

​​Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Andy CameronEnergy Efficiency and Conservation Manager971-270-3436
Tom ElliottEnergy Analyst: LECPPP (self-direct), Rural and Agricultural Energy Audits, USDOE SEP, Schools503-428-0726
Roger KainuEnergy Analyst: Residential energy code, appliance standards, home performance503-580-7469
Stephanie KruseFacilities Engineer: Electricity Resource Mix, Rural and Agricultural Energy Audits, Schools503-400-0778
Will MulhernProgram Analyst: SEED, Public Buildings, Schools, Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings503-428-6571 
Tracy RichardsonProgram Analyst: Schools Data503-373-2294
Blake ShelideFacilities Engineer: Appliance Standards, Biomass, Energy Audits, Code503-580-2598
Christie SphoonEnergy Specialist: Schools, SB 1149, Energy Audits for Schools503-689-0500


Michael WilliamsAssistant Director for Central Services503-559-1914
Pandian KrishnaswamyEnergy Incentives Manager503-508-1244
Douglas BaerProgram Analyst: Business Energy Incentives503-378-4040
James CogleOperations / Policy Analyst: Incentive Programs503-510-9726 
Jenna ComptonOffice Specialist - Solar Rebate Program503-339-6846
Gordon ConnessOffice Specialist - Solar Rebate Program503-378-3926
Clay DeckertIncentives Analyst503-931-2119
Jennifer HaynesIncentives Analyst503-510-7206 
Jason KnouseProgram Analyst 5038066641 
Patricia PhillipsAdministrative Specialist 503-510-8627


VacantProject Development Officer503-378-4040
Vincent BishopAccountant503-508-5596


Todd CornettAssistant Director, Energy Siting503-428-2962
Walter AdamsOperations and Policy Analyst: Energy Facility Siting 971-273-9778
Elizabeth BobeSiting Compliance Officer503-400-1439 
Christopher ClarkRulemaking Coordinator503-871-7254
Sarah EstersonSenior Policy Advisor503-385-6128
Sisily FlemingSiting Fiscal Analyst503-559-7081
Nancy HatchAdministrative Specialist503-428-7905
Duane KilsdonkSiting Compliance Officer503-983-6484
Chase McVeigh-WalkerSenior Siting Analyst971-600-5323
Kathleen SloanSenior Siting Analyst971-701-4913
Kellen TardaewetherSenior Siting Analyst503-586-6551


Maxwell WoodsAssistant Director, Nuclear Safety & Emergency Preparedness503-551-8209
VACANTNuclear Waste Remediation Specialist503-378-4040
Deanna HenryEmergency Preparedness Manager503-932-4428
Sara LovtangHanford Ecologist971-718-2030
Mark ReeseRadiological Emergency Planning Coordinator503-884-3895
Tom SiciliaHanford Hydrogeologist503-508-8333


Michael WilliamsAssistant Director for Central Services503-559-1914


Mary KnightBudget Analyst503-510-6044
Monty SchindlerSenior Budget Analyst503-378-4040
Jennifer SennerFiscal Analyst 2 - Federal Grants Officer503-339-5289

​​Information Services

VACANTIT Manager503-378-4040
Shiela AlicarApplication Support Analyst503-383-8104
Allan BatesDeveloper Analyst503-508-2369
Griffin FickesBusiness Analyst503-510-7115
Jim GoresData Analyst503-510-4891
Eric LampertNetwork Support Analyst503-383-1158
Jeremy PetersonSenior Developer503-569-2522
Nick RayApplication Administrator503-378-4040
Ian WattsSystem Administrator503-480-9951

​​​​Finance & Operations

Danae HammittFinance & Operations Manager971-240-2918
Alyssa EngelsonAccountant503-400-5194 
Karolina FallertPayroll/Accounts Payable503-508-9276
Ashley GriffinPurchasing and Contracts Officer503-385-5916
Wendy LorimorAR & Cash Receipts Coordinator503-428-6412
Michael PepplerAccountant503-508-3706
Ashley SmithReceptionist503-378-4040
Bethany WachtlerSenior Contracts Officer503-508-8190