Energy conservation projects with less than $20,000 in qualified costs may be eligible for a tax credit.
Lighting in a storeAbout $2 million in tax credits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for projects that meet certain requirements.

Incentive Programs Sunset

ODOE's Energy Incentive Programs ended (sunset) at the end of the 2017 tax year, which for some applicants was as early as December 31, 2017.

Applicants who have already applied under a previous open opportunity announcement are eligible for a tax credit. ODOE must receive your final application before the expiration of your preliminary certificate or before the end of your 2017 tax year, whichever comes first. Your preliminary expiration date is listed on your preliminary certificate.

What projects qualify?

Tax credits are awarded for projects that help conserve energy, including commercial lighting, heating and cooling improvements, high performance homebuilding, and more. See the technologies list below.

Am I eligible? 

Individuals, businesses, nonprofits, tribes, or other organizations in Oregon are eligible to apply. Eligible conservation projects must be completed at a business or residential rental property located in Oregon. 

How much is the tax credit?

Tax credits are awarded up to $7,000, not to exceed 35 percent of the project's eligible costs.

​​How to Apply

  1. Before beginning construction/installation, read the current offering (when available) and the technical specifications for your project type.
  2. Before construction/installation, fill out the informational filin​g form (when available)​​ and mail it with a $75 fee.
  3. After submitting the informational filing form, begin construction/installation.
  4. ODOE will send you an informational filing acknowledgement.
  5. After receiving ODOE acknowledgement and completing your project, fill out the final application below and mail it​ along with the fee that is based on the qualifying project cost​.

We are no longer accepting informational filings for the 2016/2017 Small Premium Project offering​. ​Final applications are due by the end of tax year 2017, which for some projects was as early as December 31, 2017.

Small Premium Project Technologies

Project Type Technical Specifications
​​Final Application
​Adjustable Flow Irrigation Pumping​ Tech Specs ​​Final App
​Building Envelope​ Thermal Retrofits Tech Specs Final App
​​Commercial Greenhouse Energy Retrofits Tech Specs​ Final App
​Commercial Lighting Tech Specs ​Final App
​Direct-fired Radiant Heating in High-Volume Spaces ​Tech Specs Final App
​Ductless Heat Pumps With Variable Refrigerant Flow Tech Specs Final App

​Heat Pump Water Heating ​Tech Specs ​Final App
​High-Performance Home Building Tech Specs Final App
​Industrial Piping Insulation Tech Specs ​Final App
​Outdoor LEDs ​Tech Specs Final App
​Premium Efficiency Electric Air Conditioning ​Tech Specs Final App
​Solar Water Heating Tech Specs Final App
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 2016/2017 Small Premium Project Offering
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