The Oregon Department of Energy’s Siting Division takes an active interest in projects which fall outside the jurisdiction of the Energy Facility Siting Council.

Proposed energy generation projects (with the exception of hydropower) or infrastructure projects that have triggered analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act are monitored by ODOE and EFSC to ensure the best interests of the state of Oregon are considered.

In some cases, the Oregon Department of Energy will coordinate with other state agencies to provide comments on non-EFSC projects. In those cases, ODOE will establish a separate webpage with specific information and links regarding the project.

Facility​ Description ​​Links
Boardman to Hemingway​​
​300-mile, 500 kv transmission line ODOE project page
Developer's website
Jordan Cove Energy Project​/Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline
​LNG liquefication/export facility; 229-mile, 36-inch natural gas pipeline FERC PF17-4 to FERC CP17-494​
Developer's website​
​Swan Lake North Pumped Storage

​393.3 MW pumped-hydro storage project; 32.8 mile, 230 kV transmission line
FAST-41 Dashboard

Developer's website
FERC P-13318-013

​Goldendale Energy Storage Project

​1200 MW pumped-hydro storage project

Developer's website

FERC P-14861-002

​Owyhee Pumped Storage Project
​600 MW pumped-hydro storage project; 2.6 to 8 mile long 230 kV transmission line
FERC P-15006-000



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