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Full-Service Architectural & Engineering Price Agreements

This page provides procedures, forms and resources for using architectural and engineering full-service price agreements established by the Oregon Department of Transportation. Price agreements may be used for ODOT or local agency transportation projects located anywhere in the state. Local agencies' process for "Tier-2" work order assignments under the price agreements are provided under 279C.125, OAR 731-148-0260 and the procedures on this page.

  • Always use the current forms linked on this webpage as all items are subject to change without notice.
  • Links labeled as "ODOT staff only" go to internal ODOT resources and documents which are available only to ODOT staff.
  • Local agencies may request the "ODOT staff only" resources and documents as needed.
  • NOTE: If any forms or documents linked on this page will not open, right-click on the link and select "Save link as" to download the file.

The price agreements awarded in 2022 under RFP 73000-00002899 (34537) are available for work order assignments for a 5-year period ending 10/21/27.
Approved Quality Plans  (ODOT staff only) 
Quality Plans must be approved by ODOT and on file prior to Work Order Contract assignment.
Price Agreement Document
Includes the terms and conditions incorporated in work order contracts (same for each firm).   

WOC User-Guide for ODOT Projects​

WOC User-Guide for Local Agency Tier 2 Projects

As of August 1, 2022, all procurement requests are required to be submitted through the OregonBuys eProcurement System.

     OregonBuys website
     OregonBuys guidance documents (ODOT Staff only)

​COI Form for Eval Committee Members​ (ODOT Staff Only)​
Completed by each evaluation committee member prior to evaluating and scoring proposals.​
Pass/Fail & Required Items Evaluation (OPO Staff Only)
Completed by ODOT Procurement Specialist before forwarding proposals to evaluation committee.

Evaluator Score/Comment Sheet
Used by evaluators from LPA or ODOT to document proposal evaluations.
Evaluation Score Matrix​ (OPO Staff Only)​
Prepared after evaluator scoring of proposals is completed.

Notice of Intent to Award​ (OPO Staff Only)
Emailed by OPO Procurement Specialist to notify top ranked firm and all Proposers of evaluation/selection results.

​Negotiations Resources Page​ (ODOT Staff Only)
Negotiations Guide, forms and best practices from pre-negotiation planning and cost analysis thru documenting the negotiation with a Record of Negotiation.

Profit Fee Worksheet
Required once for design phase and once for amendments to add construction engineering and inspection phase. May not be prepared for Agency by Consultant. Submit to OPO when negotiations are completed.

Breakdown of Costs or "BOC"
Use if consultant or subs have approved overhead rates.

BOC for negotiated billing rates ("BOC-NBR") 
Use if consultant and all subs use fully loaded billing rates and do not have an approved overhead rate.​

BOC Requirements

Pre-Negotiation Plan

Record of Negotiation form

Contract Administration Resources Page ​(ODOT staff only)
Guidance, roles and responsibilities, forms and templates related to contract administration

Procurement Standard for Invoice Requirements - Consultant ("Invoice Requirements") 

Invoice Review Requirements for LPA Projects
Includes requirements for ODOT staff responsible for reviewing consultant invoices on LPA projects.

Invoice Payment Approval Form for ODOT projects​​ (ODOT staff only)
Mandatory from APM with all invoice submittals on ODOT projects.​

A&E Performance Evaluation forms for PE and CE Phase​ (ODOT staff only)
Guidance and required forms used by ODOT APM or WOC Administrator to document consultant performance on A&E and Related Services Contracts. Questions or issues related to accessing of using the performance evaluation database and forms should be directed to the Consultant Evaluations Inbox: ​​

Training Videos

Consultant Selection Overview (FHWA Video)

Consultant Selection & Competitive Negotiation Procedures (FHWA Video)

Conflicts of Interest (FHWA Video)

​Recommended Training

(ODOT Staff only) Suggested and recommended courses​

(LPA Staff)  Classes available and registration information 


Applicable Federal and State Laws & Polices

23 CFR Part 172

FHWA's Consultant Services page

FHWA - ODOT Stewardship Agreement

OAR 137-048

ORS 279C.100-125


Additional Resources

​OPO Intranet Site​ (ODOT Staff Only)​
This link provides access to additional information, forms, and processes related to contracting.
Statement of Work Library
Statement of work templates and Writing Guide

Archive of consultant list and work order procedures from 2017 price agreement series (B35272 - B35302) 

For questions related to this page, or to report problems or broken links, please send email to Guy Britnell, ODOT Procurement Web Editor.