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Delivering ADA Program Projects

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Image showing the condensed process for ADA Curb Ramp Only Projects. 

Our ADA Curb Ramp Program is streamlining our processes to deliver design and construction for curb ramp projects across the state. 

For details about how curb ramp projects differ from other projects please review the 2022 ADA Tech Services Memo and additional guidance on this site.

ADA Program Project Delivery Town Hall Meeting for Consultants - July 2023

The following deliverables replace the standard project delivery forms for ADA curb ramp only projects: 

How does ADA project initiation differ from initiation in traditional project delivery? 

  • There will be no phase gate at this stage.
  • Project Charters are not required.  
  • The approved ADA SOW Template will be used for A&E design contracts.
  • Program WZDT, PIP, and risk register will be reviewed, any project/location specific additions will be noted. 
  • Project schedules will be completed including the ADA MS Project template.

Not required for ADA curb ramp only projects:

  • Baseline Project Scope, Schedule and Budget.
  • Findings on No Significant Impacts.
  • Environmental Record of Decision. 
  • Environmental Prospectus.
  • ROW Phase Need Decision. 

Concept plan deliverables include: 

Additional reso​urces and checklists:

​The intent of the concept plans phase is: 

  • There is an internal Program Phase Gate at the end of this stage.
  • Ramp layouts identified.
  • Design exceptions/crosswalk closures will be identified in appropriate logs.
  • Some ROW descriptions may begin if approved.

Resources and c​hecklists for design acceptance: 

How does ADA design acceptance differ from that of traditional project delivery? 

  • There is an internal Program Phase Gate at the end of this stage.
  • ROW footprint is identified.   
  • DAP certification and checklist will be completed.  Missing items will be noted on the checklist and include the identified risk of proceeding.
  • Design exception/crosswalk closure workshops are complete, decisions are documented in appropriate logs.
  • Access Management deliverables completed, for impacted properties only.
  • MSProject schedule will be completed for each construction package.
  • Utility conflict letters distributed.
  • CMR completed.​

​Not required for ADA​​ curb-ramp-only projects: 

  • DAPER.
  • DAP Narrative.
  • Bridge TS&L Report.
  • Programmatic Categorical Exclusion (PCE).
  • Constructability Memo.
  • Value Engineering Memo.
  • Geology Memo.
  • Geotechnical Memo. 
  • Hydraulics Memo.
  • Identify non-funding IGA with local agencies.
  • Identify funding IGA amendments with local agencies. 

Resource​s for Final Plans: 

How does ADA Final Plans diff​er from that of traditional project delivery? 

  • This phase ends at the statewide PS&E phase gate.
  • Design Exceptions/Crosswalk closures approved prior to PS&E. 
  • The following deliverables will be due at Final Plans, rather than advanced plans, for ADA curb ramp only projects: 
    • Final Storm Reports (as needed).
    • UR Programming Request. 

Not required for ADA​ curb-ramp-only projects: 

  • Temporary Water Management (TWM) Plan

​The following deliverables replace t​he standard project delivery forms for ADA curb ramp only projects: 

How does ADA ​PS&E differ from that of traditional project delivery? 

There is no change to this statewide phase gate.  The ADA specific PS&E checklist and PD-02 exception request shall be completed.

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