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Working Remotely Help

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Q1. What's a good way to quickly communicate with team members when I don't have a microphone or computer headset?     A1. Use a Microsoft Teams meeting.  Any Teams meeting has the ability to establish Phone Audio.  Find out how to start an instant meeting in Using Microsoft Teams Audio When You Don't Have a Microphone.

Q2. What training is available for someone new to MicroStation V8i SS4 or InRoads V8i SS2 and working from home?     A2. Two videos have been recorded for using MicroStation V8i SS4 and InRoads V8i SS2 in the ODOT environment. A dataset for each may be downloaded for performing exercises on your own.

          ODOT MicroStation V8i SS4 Basic - MicroStation V8i Video - MicroStation V8i Dataset

          ODOT InRoads V8i SS2 Basic - InRoads V8i Video - InRoads V8i Dataset

Q3. My MicroStation toolboxes and menus aren't in the right location and won't stay put; what can I do?     A3. It is very likely that you have corrupted preferences. Contact an Engineering Applications Support Analyst.

Q4. What is a good way to work with ProjectWise DGNs that have references when I have a really slow connection?    A4. Follow the instructions exactly in Use "Export - locks file" With ProjectWise Data for Working Remotely to export the DGN data. If you have made new reference attachments in the exported DGNs, after you import the files, run Set>Scan References and Link Sets according to steps #2 and #3 in Importing MicroStation DGNs with References into ProjectWise to make ProjectWise aware of the reference and attach the document GUID.

Q5. I export DGNs to work on them and I need to get my changes back into ProjectWise tonight, but want to continue to edit the file tomorrow; how do I best do that?     A5. Right-click on the locked document name in ProjectWise and choose "Update Server Copy"; this will push your changes up and retain the lock. There's a more complete explanation at the end of Export ProjectWise DGN Data When Working Remotely.

Q6. After editing some exported plan sheet DGNs, I need to add some sheets to a project PSET and create PDFs; how do I best do that?     A6. Changes to PSET files are best made using the documents in ProjectWise.  You should push the changes to the DGNs up into ProjectWise using "Update Server Copy" and contact an Engineering Applications Support Analyst for help with the PSET.

Working Remotely Help PDFs

How To Reduce Your Computer's Network Overhead For Working Remotely (How to make your experience faster and how to retain connectivity - promoted to #1 position 12/22/2020)

How to Use Remote Desktop with a Non-Engineering Laptop to Run MicroStation Remotely (validated 12/22/2020)

Export ProjectWise DGN Data When Working Remotely for Better Performance (A best practice to access data in ProjectWise when your connection to the ODOT domain is sketchy - updated 3/27/2020)

A message from the ODOT Senior Automation Engineer:  How You Communicate Can Impact Your Network Connectivity

Is your computer slow when you are working remotely?  Contact an Engineering Applications Support Analyst to get a performance check-up.