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Motor Carrier Account Information

Appointments for In-Person Business

Appointments are the fastest, most efficient way to get in-person service. Email our CCD Team to schedule an appointment for motor carrier services.

Prepare for Your Appointment with CCD
Please see our Appointment Checklist. Forms can be filled out online and printed or emailed using Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader. Sign all forms requiring signatures.

Operating in Oregon

You need to establish an account to operate in Oregon when:

  • Any one vehicle exceeds five temporary passes.
  • A motor carrier account exceeds 35 temporary passes within one twelve month period.
  • Operating trucks with a combined weight over 26,000 pounds.
  • Operating trucks weighing 26,000 pounds or less and hauling for-hire.

For a list of vehicles exempt from motor carrier regulation, see ORS 825.015 and 825.017.

Oregon Requirements

  • An Assumed Business Name and/or legal entity name must be on file with the Oregon Secretary of State, Corporation Division.
  • Contact our registration office with any questions.​

Out-of-State Requirements

  • A corporation needs the Corporate Certificate of Standing showing date and status of incorporation.
  • An LLC needs a copy of the articles of organization.

Register or Change a Business Name

  1. Complete an Application for Oregon Motor Carrier Account (form 9075).
  2. Complete Schedule A — Oregon IRP and IFTA Combined Application (form 9908)​, if participating in these programs.
  3. Application forms can be returned in person, mailed or faxed to either of the Commerce and Compliance Division Office locations listed on the right of this page.
Business Change of Ownership
An Oregon Motor Carrier Account Application must be submitted in the new ownership name so a new account can be established. Change of ownership examples include:
  • Individual or partnership to a corporation.
  • Partnership to an individual, etc.

Power of Attorney
A carrier must file a Power of Attorney Form (form 9654) when hiring an agent or reporting another service or person that is not an employee of the company to:

  • File applications for establishing accounts, taxes and registrations.
  • Prepare, sign and submit documents and checks that may be necessary for filing highway-use tax reports.
  • Sign highway-use tax bonds.
  • File renewal forms.
  • Direct correspondence and plates to another address.

Established Place of Business in Oregon

  • Needs street address.
  • Open business hours.
  • Employee and records on premises​.

Proof of Oregon Residency

  • Oregon Driver’s License.
  • Vehicle Titled in Oregon.
  • Utility Bills in Oregon.
  • Corporation Registered in Oregon.
  • Oregon personal income tax or Federal tax filed from Oregon address.
  • Complete a Class 1A Permit Application (form 9745) and pay a one-time fee if based in Oregon.
  • Vehicles over 10,000 pounds need a U.S. DOT number.
  • Business or corporation registered.
  • Get a federal Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • Unified Carrier Registration over 10,000 pounds pay annual fees to fund safety and enforcement programs.
  • Name of drug and alcohol testing facility.
  • Meet federal insurance requirements.
  • Meet Oregon insurance requirements if your business is based in Oregon.
  • Surety Bond.
  • Motor Carrier Authority Application.

Note: Only Interstate For-Hire needs a Federal Certificate of Authority to be legal (Federal Motor Carrier Number-MC#).

Used for Oregon-based motor carriers operating vehicles in other states. Vehicles that operate in more than one jurisdiction (state or province) must get either permanent or temporary registration in each of those jurisdictions. See our Vehicle Registration web page for more details.

​The International Fuel Tax Agreement is a tax for Oregon-based carriers with vehicles that drive outside Oregon. See our Report Your Taxes web page for more information.

​Any motor carrier registered to operate in Oregon can apply for a password to access our secure Oregon Trucking Online website to register vehicles, check status, manage account information and more.
How Do I Set Up an Oregon Trucking Online Account?
  1. Set up an account with the Commerce and Compliance Division.
  2. Go to the Oregon Trucking Online website to Request a PIN.
  3. Follow the instructions on the PIN Request Form.
  4. The PIN Request Form must be signed by an Owner, Partner, LLC Member/Manager, Corporate Officer or someone possessing a Power of Attorney (form 9654). The POA must be on file or attached or it will be returned.
  5. Submit your PIN Request Form electronically to the Commerce and Compliance Division.
  6. PIN Request Forms will be addressed by end of next business day.
  7. Upon Approval, you will receive a confirmation email with a temporary PIN password.
  8. Login to Oregon Trucking Online with your name, file number and temporary password and change to a permanent password.
Other Services
Registration Services — Motor carrier registration and permit information.
Oregon Truck Safety — Oregon driver and motor carrier safety information.
Direct Payment — Sign up for our free service to pay all transactions electronically.
Green Light Preclearance Program Brochure — Program information.
Email and Contact Update Form — Oregon Trucking Online — Use this form to:
  • Request a new PIN.
  • Update business contact information and email address.
Helpful Motor Carrier Information
Truck Cab Marking Requirements
Greenlight Preclearance Program Brochure
Truck Stops in and near Oregon
Oregon's Entry Policies — Over-Dimension Loads/Tax and Registration Credentials
OAR Chapter 740, Division 055 — Records, Reports, Accounting Fees and Taxes
Direct Payment Brochure — Oregon Trucking Online
Acceptable Payment Methods — Weight-Mile Tax Reports and IFTA Returns
Highway Use Tax Bond and Insurance Information

Forms can be filled out online and printed or emailed using Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader. Sign all forms requiring signatures.
Foreign-Based Carriers / No intrastate (Oregon) For-Hire Operations
Foreign Based Interstate Only Forms

Foreign-Based Carriers with Intrastate For-Hire Operations in Oregon
Foreign Based Intrastate For-Hire Forms
Oregon Based Interstate Carriers
Oregon Based Interstate Carriers Forms

Oregon-Based Interstate Carriers / No Intrastate For-Hire Operations
Oregon Based Private Carriers Forms

Oregon-Based Intrastate Only Carriers with For-Hire Operations
Oregon Based For-Hire Operations – Intrastate Only Forms

Transport For-Hire in Oregon including Household Goods
Household Goods Application Forms
Oregon Only Operations
Oregon Motor Carrier Account Application (form 9075)
Power of Attorney (form 9654)
Schedule R (form 9914) — Oregon Proof of Residency
Oregon Commercial Registration Application (form 9691)
Oregon Class 1A Permit Application (form 9745)
USDOT Questionnaire (form 9755)
Current Effective January 1, 2022
Weight-Mile Tax Tables A and B (form 9928-2022)
Prior Effective January 1, 2020
Farm Applications
Farm Certification Application (form 9670)
Out-of-State Farm Application (form 9477)

Transport Intrastate For-Hire Commodities
Oregon Class 1A Permit Application (form 9745)
Application for Oregon Intrastate Permit to Transport Passengers (form 9057) — Regular Route Full Service Scheduled Transportation
Application for Oregon Intrastate Permit to Transport Persons (form 9751) — Irregular Route Service
  • Includes sightseeing tour operations and/or seasonal regular route operations.
  • Not in regular route full-service scheduled transportation.

Annual Report — Household Goods Motor Carrier (form 9208)

Manufactured Structure Toters Registration
Commercial Registration Application — Manufactured Structure Toter (form 9935) Oregon based intrastate carriers
  • Manufactured structure toters must be registered at the “fully equipped for service” weight, including tools, blocks, tractors, etc.
  • The registration weight does not include the weight of a manufactured structure, a special use trailer or travel trailer.
New Motor Carrier Application Materials
Oregon Motor Carrier Account Application (form 9075)
Oregon Weight-Mile Tax Enrollment Application (form 9076)
Power of Attorney (form 9654)
Oregon Commercial Registration Application (form 9691)
Oregon Class 1A Permit Application (form 9745)
USDOT Questionnaire (form 9755)
Current Effective January 1, 2022
Weight-Mile Tax Tables A and B (form 9928-2022)
Prior Effective January 1, 2020
Forms can be filled out online and printed or emailed using Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader. Sign all forms requiring signatures.
Assumed Business Name and other Business Registration Services — Oregon Secretary of State, Corporation Division Forms


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