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National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Oregon communities face a diversity of threats, hazards and large-scale planned events. The size, frequency and complexity of these incidents vary, but all involve a range of personnel and organizations from different jurisdictions to coordinate efforts to save lives, stabilize the incident, and protect property and the environment. Success in these efforts depends on a common, interoperable approach to sharing resources, coordinating and managing incidents, and communicating information. The National Incident Management System (NIMS) defines this comprehensive approach.

NIMS provides a consistent nationwide approach for federal, state, local, and tribal governments to work effectively and efficiently together to prepare for, prevent, respond to and recover from domestic incidents, regardless of cause, size or complexity. Oregon adopted NIMS as its Incident Management System through legislative statue 401.092 which states “Coordinate the activities of state and local governments to enable state and local governments to work together during domestic incidents as provided in the National Incident Management System."

For information about NIMS, contact:
Sarah Puls, Emergency Preparedness Planner

General Fundamentals and Concepts

Policies and processes to support NIMS implementation.

General Resources:

Resource Management

Standard mechanisms to systematically manage resources, including personnel, equipment, supplies, teams and facilities, before and during incidents, allow organizations to effectively share resources when needed.

Developing or participating in a qualification, certification and credentialing program that aligns with the National Qualification System (NQS) is recommended and may be required in the future.

Resource Management Resources:

Command and Coordination

Leadership roles, processes and recommended organizational structures for incident management at the operational and incident support levels, and how these structures interact to manage incidents effectively and efficiently.  

Command and Coordination Resources:

Communications and Information Management

Systems and methods to ensure that incident personnel and other decision-makers have the means and information they need to make and communicate decisions.

Oregon NIMS Requirements

All Oregon jurisdictions receiving preparedness funds, or receiving direct benefit from these funds, must be NIMS compliant. This is a Federal requirement that the State cannot waive or defer. The documents below provide information to become NIMS compliant.

Additional NIMS Resources