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Health Equiy Plan Submission


Below you will find the template for the CY 2022 Health Equity Plan submission. This is to provide an example of what to expect for future submissions. You will also find the reporting requirements for the Health Equity Plan submission, as also stated at the top of the submission form.

Submission Form Template

 Reporting Requirements:  

  • Must be written in 12-point Arial font with single spacing to meet readability and accessibility standards. 
  • All pages should be clearly numbered. 
  • The HEP submission CY 2022 must be submitted in a pdf format to meet accessibility requirements. Any other format will not be accepted.  
  • Please note that some sections have specified page limits. Any page limits noted exclude supporting documentation. While OHA has provided generous page limit guidelines to accommodate each CCOs unique needs and experience, OHA encourages CCOs to provide comprehensive responses while being as brief as possible. Visual materials, including charts, graphs, maps, photographs, and other pictorial presentations are included in the page limitation. 
  • Conformance to the page limit will be strictly enforced in 2022 and may not be exceeded unless an exception has been specifically granted by OHA HEP SME or by OHA CCO Contracts Administrator. 
  • Supporting documentation is required and must be relevant to the item being addressed. All supporting documentation attached and referenced in the narrative portion must be clearly labeled to reflect the content (e.g., CCOxyz_LEP_Policy). The inclusion of hyperlinks to another location within the same document is requested to facilitate quick access to the document referenced by OHA reviewers. Documents that are not referenced in the narrative but are submitted will not be reviewed.  
  • The HEP Progress Report and relevant supporting documentation must be submitted to by the due date. 

For question regarding the instructions or templates please contact: 

Maria Elena Castro, OHA Health Equity Innovation and Implementation Manager 

(503) 884-4448