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Health Aspects of Kindergarten Readiness Technical Workgroup


The Children’s Institute, in collaboration with the Oregon Health Authority and with expert consultation from the Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership and Artemis Consulting, is convening a Health Aspects of Kindergarten Readiness Technical Workgroup in 2018. The purpose of this technical workgroup is to explore measures of the health sector’s role in kindergarten readiness. The workgroup's charge is to:

1. Recommend one or more measures of the health sector's role in kindergarten readiness (KR) to Oregon's Metrics and Scoring Committee for adoption as incentivized health system quality metrics. Recommended measures must: 
  • Drive health system behavior change, quality improvement and investments that meaningfully contribute to improved KR;
  • Catalyze cross-sector collective action necessary for achieving KR; and
  • Be consistent with the intention and goals of the Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) metrics program.
2. Identify opportunities for future measure development, data sharing or other measurement opportunities to drive cross-sector, collective action towards KR.

The creation of this workgroup has been approved by Oregon’s Metrics and Scoring Committee as well as the Health Plan Quality Metrics Committee. This workgroup will build on past efforts of the Child and Family Well-being Measures Workgroup previously convened by the Oregon Health Policy Board and Early Learning Council.

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For more information about this workgroup, contact Elena Rivera:
Elena Rivera
Senior Health Policy and Program Advisor
Children’s Institute

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