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About Us

About the Office of Health Analytics

The Office of Health Analytics provides reports and recommendations so that OHA leadership, the Governor, and the Legislature can better understand and improve upon the performance of OHA programs and the quality of Oregon’s health system as a whole. Health Analytics:

  • Collects and analyzes data to inform policy development, program implementation, and system evaluation;
  • Collaborates with professional researchers to develop a body of knowledge that can be used to help lower and contain costs, improve quality, and increase access to health care in order to improve the lifelong health of Oregonians; and
  • Provides important information that individuals can use to help inform their care decisions.

Health Analytics’ primary roles are:

  • To be the single point of accountability for continual improvement of health analytics coordination and data integration across OHA and DHS programs;
  • To develop analyses, data strategies, and monitoring tools to assess the performance of OHA programs; and
  • To support OHA policy development, implementation, and evaluation.

Stacey Schubert, MPH, Director

Medicaid Analytics & Data Integration

The Data Integration Unit works within Health Analytics to provide data governance, privacy and security; and works with data requests and access, transparency and reporting, data strategy and integration, and data systems and infrastructure.

Chris Coon, Manager

Behavioral Health Analytics

The Program Analysis and Measurement Unit collects and analyzes health care claims, survey, and program data to support Medicaid and Behavioral Health programs and policy.

Lisa Wyman, PhD, MPH, Manager

Research and Data

The Research and Data Unit collects and analyzes financial, administrative and survey data pertaining to the health care workforce and system, as well as health insurance coverage, to inform health care policy and evaluation within Oregon and beyond.

Piper Block, MPP, PhD, Manager

Quality Metrics, Surveys and Evaluation

The Quality Metrics, Surveys and Evaluation Unit develops measure specifications and produces regular reports on CCO incentive metrics, state performance metrics, and other measure sets that will help track health system transformation in Oregon.

Derek Reinke, M.Sc., Manager

Behavioral Health Quality Metrics and Surveys

The Behavioral Health Quality Metrics and Surveys Unit supports the Behavioral Health Committee by providing expertise and developing quality incentive metrics for CCOs, health care providers, counties and other government entities.

Derek Reinke, M.Sc., Manager

Business Intelligence and REALD & SOGI Analytics

The Business Intelligence and REALD & SOGI Analytics unit develops reporting standards, advances the use of business intelligence tools and data visualization techniques to strengthen the connection between health data and policy / decision makers, and works with the Equity and Inclusion Division (OEI) and various OHA agency partners to support the collection and reporting of race, ethnicity, language, disability (REALD), and sexual orientation gender identity (SOGI) data.

Pablo Torrent, Manager