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Statewide Performance Improvement Project

As part the Oregon CMS 1115 Medicaid Waiver, all CCOs are expected to participate in a statewide Performance Improvement Project (PIP). The current 2015-2017 statewide PIP topic is: Oregon Statewide Performance Improvement Project on Opioid Safety: Reducing Prescribing of High Morphine Equivalent Doses.

This involves CCOs across Oregon working in their communities to address the opioid epidemic. To support the project, two measures were selected for performance monitoring. Percentage of OHP enrollees aged 12 years and older with opioid prescriptions for ≥ 120 mg and for ≥ 90 mg MED per day. Specific resources on how to calculate the metrics are found in the measurement section below (e.g. specifications and relevant crosswalks).

A comprehensive site with additional resources and data for the opioid initiatives across Oregon can be found on the Reducing Opioid Overdose and Misuse site at   

2019 Statewide PIP Acute Reporting

2019 Statewide PIP Annual Report

Quarterly Statewide PIP reports


For questions please contact:

Lisa Bui
Quality Improvement Director
Health Policy and Analytics Division
971-673-3397 (desk)

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