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Health Care Workforce Committee


The Health Care Workforce Committee was established in 2010 by House Bill 2009, Section 7 (3)(a) and reports directly to the Oregon Health Policy Board. The Health Care Workforce Committee coordinates efforts to recruit and educate health care professionals and retain a quality workforce. This work is necessary if Oregon is to meet the demand created by the expansion in health care coverage, system transformation and an increasingly diverse population, and realize the promise of the Triple Aim.

The Committee advises the Oregon Health Policy Board on the healthcare workforce and develops recommendations and action plans for implementing the necessary changes to train, recruit and retain a dynamic health care work force scaled to meet the needs of new systems of care. The Committee receives senior-level staff support from the Health Policy and Analytics within OHA. 


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Next Meeting

Current Work

  • Biennial Evaluation of the effectiveness of Healthcare Provider Incentives in Oregon, required by HB 3261 (2017) - by July 2020
  • Biennial Healthcare Workforce Needs Assessment, required by HB 3261 (2017) - by December 2020
  • Guidance to OHA and the OHPB on the deployment of resources through the new Health Care
  • Provider Incentive fund and other incentive streams in Oregon, including direction on a model of targeted technical assistance to specific underserved communities approved by the Committee around recruitment and retention - Ongoing
  • Biennial profile of Oregon’s current healthcare workforce including a demographic and geographic profile focused on race, ethnicity, and languages spoken - by January 2021
  • A report on recommended strategies to address clinician burnout rates and increase clinician and patient satisfaction - by March 2020
  • A report on opportunities to increase education and training capacity of health professionals, not limited to medical training - by March 2021

For more information, please contact:

Marc Overbeck
Office of Health Policy
Oregon Health Authority

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