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Health Profession Student Clinical Training Standards


The Oregon legislature passed Senate Bill 879 in 2011, which required the Oregon Health Authority to “convene a work group to develop standards for administrative requirements for student placement in clinical training settings in Oregon.” The intention of SB 879 was: to mitigate inconsistencies that currently exist across clinical placements; to promote efficient solutions to reduce costs for students, health profession programs and clinical placement sites; and to ensure patient, clinical staff and student safety.

More than 80 stakeholders, representing public and private health systems, small and large educational institutions and health profession programs, professional associations, state boards, and other interest groups participated in the work group process. On June 30, 2012 the SB 879 workgroup presented its recommendations for administrative standards for health professional students to the Oregon Health Policy Board, which initiated the rule development process. A Rules Advisory Committee was then established to oversee the development of administrative rules.


These rules establish standards for administrative requirements (immunizations, screenings, trainings, and insurance coverage requirements) for health professional student placements in clinical training settings within the state of Oregon. Students studying in a variety of health profession programs, such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, professional counseling, and medical assisting, will need to meet these requirements prior to clinical training. For most students, satisfying these requirements once will be sufficient for all subsequent clinical training experiences. Clinical facilities that must abide by these rules include hospitals, health systems, and long-term care residential facilities, as well as others listed in the rules. There are also some exceptions to the rules, including procedures for temporary variations and exemptions for some health profession programs that do not conduct off-site clinical training.

Keeping the Standards Current

These rules will be reviewed annually by OHA and an advisory group that may include representatives of affected students, health profession programs, clinical settings, and healthcare boards that regulate health profession programs. Affected parties may bring proposed changes to the annual review process, and all interested parties will be notified in advance. Any requirements that involve standards regulated by a state or federal regulatory authority (e.g., immunizations, state and nationwide criminal background check) will be updated as needed to remain in compliance.

Rule & Resources

Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 409-030-0100 - 409-030-0250 (rev. 11-15-2019)
See this Table for a summary list of the administrative requirements.

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