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Flat File Directory

What is the Flat File Directory Service?

The Oregon Health Authority’s Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT) offers a no-cost Flat File Directory service that expands access to health care professionals’ Direct secure messaging addresses. The Directory is a file of Direct secure messaging addresses that includes users who have chosen to participate in the directory, allowing electronic exchange of protected health information. The goal is to ensure that health care professionals who use different Direct secure messaging systems can reach out to each other and have access to meaningful, timely, relevant, and actionable patient information.

Benefits of participating in the Flat File Directory include:

  • Improved coordination of care for better patient care
  • Discoverable Direct secure messaging addresses for easier information exchange
  • Support for Meaningful Use Stage 2 attestation

The Flat File Directory is updated once a month. Participating organizations provide standardized files of their providers’ Direct addresses, downloaded from their electronic health record (EHR) or Health Information Exchange (HIE). OHIT creates a master file of all of the participants’ flat file submissions and send it back via Direct secure messaging to be imported into the EHR or HIE technology.

How do I participate in the Flat File Directory?

To join the directory, participants must use a fully accredited DirectTrust EHNAC/DTTP Health Information Service Provider (HISP). To see if your HISP meets this requirement, visit DirectTrust.

If you have an accredited HISP, you must submit a Flat File Directory Participation Agreement and Enrollment Form to the Office of Health Information Technology for enrollment in the directory.

Who is participating in the Flat File Directory?

There are several providers who are part of the Flat File Directory, including Legacy Health Systems, Providence, Blue Mountain Health District, Curry Health, and Jefferson HIE. Click here for a complete list of participants.

For more information on the Flat File Directory or how to join, please contact the Flat File Directory Engagement Team by email (

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