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Provider Directory Advisory Committee

Provider Directory Advisory Committee

To gather stakeholder input and inform strategies for a successful implementation of the Provider Directory, OHA convenes an advisory group consisting of individuals who represent clinics and providers, hospitals, health information exchanges, behavioral health organizations, health plans, and dental organizations. The term of membership is from 2017-2019.
The bi-monthly meetings are public. See below for meeting information. OHA also convenes a Provider Directory Subject Matter Expert workgroup (PD-SME) that meets bi-monthly. The focus of the PD-SME is to ensure the Provider Directory will meet the needs of its users and to provide input on program policies, technical components, and user workflows. 

The PDAC has a reporting relationship to the Health Information Technology Oversight Council (HITOC).
PDAC Roster (Last updated August 2019)
PDAC Charter (Last updated December 2019)
The PDAC and PD-SME began meeting in 2017 and were preceded by the Provider Directory Advisory Group (PDAG) who met from 2015-2016 and the 2014 Provider Directory Subject Matter Expert Workgroup. A summary of the work products from the PDAG and 2014 Subject Matter Expert Workgroup can be found here.


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