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DUII Services Providers

What Are DUII Services?

DUII Services Providers provide the following services as outlined in OAR 309-019-0195:

  • DUII Education – For individuals who do not meet diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder and who have not had more than one DUII. A minimum of 12 hours of didactic education provided through a minimum of 4 sessions over a 4-week period.
  • DUII Rehabilitation – For individuals who meet diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder or who have had more than one DUII. Service type, frequency, and duration are individualized based on a diagnostic assessment using ASAM Criteria for level of care determination. Individuals must demonstrate a minimum of 90-days continuous abstinence prior to completion.


Required Forms

DUII Services Providers are required to report in MOTS and use the following forms.


Please call the DUII Information Line at 503-945-6213 or email the Division's DUII Services Coordinator.

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