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Behavioral Health Outpatient Treatment Programs



​These programs provide services for persons in the community who are experiencing mental health disorders, substance use disorders, or problem gambling disorders. Outpatient clinics may provide one or all service types.

Behavioral Health Outpatient Programs include mental health, substance use (including Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants and Synthetic Opiate Treatment) and problem gambling treatment and recovery services. Alcohol and Drug Screening Specialists (ADSS) are also certified and provide screening and referral services for individuals convicted of a DUII.

Requirements in Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs)


Alcohol and Other Drug Screening Specialists (ADSS)

Behavioral health treatment programs Corrections-based alcohol and other drug treatment programs Community Mental Health Programs Psychiatric emergency services Synthetic opiate treatment programs Outpatient programs are certified for up to three years. Additional site reviews may be scheduled with or without advance notice to ensure continued compliance with OARs.


Persons in need of behavioral health treatment may contact their local coordinated care organization or your local Community Mental Health Program (CMHP).

For more information about certification, please contact a Licensing and Certification Compliance Specialist:

Carrie Wouda503-269-1146carrie.wouda@dhsoha.state.or.usChild and Adolescent Programs
Christy Springer503-358-6928christy.l.springer@dhsoha.state.or.usOutpatient Behavioral Health Programs
Karen Cady503-551-1093karen.a.cady-pyle@dhsoha.state.or.usOutpatient Behavioral Health Programs, Substance Use Disorder Residential Treatment
Lindsay Newton503-975-9506lindsay.newton@dhsoha.state.or.usADSS, Community-Based Structured Housing, Outpatient Behavioral Health Programs, Sobering Facilities
Lisa Rivers503-891-8084lisa.a.rivers@dhsoha.state.or.usCommunity Mental Health Programs, Mental Health Residential Treatment Programs
Melissa Farin503-410-2343melissa.c.farin@dhsoha.state.or.usOutpatient Behavioral Health Programs, Substance Use Disorder Residential Treatment
Simon Williams503-569-5150simon.o.williams@dhsoha.state.or.usCorrections Programs, Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Programs

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