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Residential Treatment Facilities



Mental health residential treatment

Residential Treatment Homes (RTH), Residential Treatment Facilities (RTF), and Secure Residential Treatment Facilities (SRTF) provide housing and treatment services to adults diagnosed with a qualifying mental illness and are staffed 24 hours a day. The capacity of an AFH and RTH is up to five residents and the capacity of an RTF and SRTF is 6-16 residents, though there are few contracted facilities that provide services for 16 or more residents.

Substance use disorders and problem gambling treatment

These programs provide housing and treatment services for individuals with substance use and problem gambling disorders for up to 16 individuals, including detoxification programs.

Requirements in Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs)


The Licensing and Certification Unit licenses all residential programs every two years. Additional inspections may be scheduled with or without advance notice to ensure continued compliance with OARs.

Persons who qualify for services must meet current guidelines, listed in the OARs for each program.


Substance use disorders and problem gambling programs

Alcohol detoxification programs



Persons seeking treatment at an RTH, RTF, or SRTF, may contact their local community mental health program.

Persons seeking professional substance use disorders or problem gambling treatment can locate them in the following ways:

Mental health residential treatment

Sam Carl971-707-3398
Chris Judson503-877-7533
Terrence Saunders503-309-0971

Substance use disorders treatment

Karen Cady503-551-1093
Melissa Farin503-410-2343
Manuel Nevarez971-273-3475
Lisa Rivers503-891-8084

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