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Voluntary Mental Health Database

Individuals with mental illness can voluntarily disclose their medical information to a Community Mental Health Program (CMHP). The information is accessible to law enforcement agencies. The database provides law enforcement access to behavioral health information enabling an informed response when dealing with individuals having behavioral health issues.

Enrollment Information

If you or a family member are interested in finding out more about enrolling in this database, the form for enrollment is available: Voluntary Mental Health Database Consent Form. Please download, print and take to your local CMHP.

In order to be eligible for enrollment an individual must have a qualifying illness or condition and obtain the express written consent of:

  • The individual;
  • A person authorized to make medical decisions for the individual, if the individual is subject to a guardianship, advanced directive for health care, declaration for mental health treatment or of power of attorney that authorizes the person to make medical decisions for the individual; or
  • A parent of the individual, if the individual is under 14 years of age.

Program Contact:
Keith Breswick

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