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2020 coordinated care organization changes for providers

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What is changing?

Changes are coming to the Oregon Health Plan in 2020. Based on the CCO 2.0 contract awards, providers will see the following changes to CCO service areas. For an overview of CCO coverage in 2020, view the service area map.

Note: Health Share of Oregon has also made changes to their network to better serve Health Share of Oregon members.

Benefits and covered services

Benefits and covered services will remain the same. Each CCO’s specific policies may differ, but coverage must include all benefits defined in the Oregon Health Plan benefit package and cover these benefits for funded conditions on or above Line 471 of the Prioritized List of Health Services.

Continuity of care

Starting Jan. 1, 2020:

  • CCOs will honor all existing service authorizations (physical, oral, behavioral health and prescription drugs) from the member’s 2019 CCO for up to six months.
  • Members will be able to see their current primary care provider for up to 90 days.
  • Members will be able to see their current behavioral health provider for up to 180 days.

This is true even if the member’s current providers do not join the network of the member’s new CCO for 2020.

Read OHA's fact sheet about continuity of care»

What providers can do

Your patients may ask which CCOs you work with. Members in areas with more than one CCO may still be able to choose a different CCO after Mar. 31, 2020. Learn more by reading OHA's member fact sheet about changing CCO or dental plan enrollment.

Credentialing information

To learn about each CCO’s credentialing and provider participation requirements, contact the CCO.



CCO contacts

2020 CCOs:

Closing CCOs:

For members:

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