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OHP eligibility verification

Learn how to find an OHP member's eligibility for health care benefits.

How to verify eligibility

OHA offers three ways for enrolled Oregon Medicaid providers to access eligibility information for OHP members:

Provider Web Portal -
After login, click "Eligibility" to get started. To learn more, see the Eligibility and Copayment Quick Reference.

Automated Voice Response - 866-692-3864
After login, press 1 for Recipient Eligibility. To learn more, see the AVR Quick Reference.

270/271 Transaction
Register for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with OHA or an OHA-registered clearinghouse and do batch submissions of eligibility inquiries for OHA to verify within 24 hours. To learn more, visit the EDI Web page.

Tools and resources

To learn more about verifying eligibility and enrollment for Health Share of Oregon members, visit the Health Share of Oregon website.

The General Rules provider guidelines include the Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) that requires providers to verify eligibility before providing service. 

Coverage of a specific service also depends on its ranking on the Prioritized List of Health Services for the condition being treated.

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