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Overview, Vision and Mission


The Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB) was created with the signing of Senate Bill 426 (SB 426) on March 21, 2007.

OEBB provides a comprehensive selection of benefit plan options to 79% of Oregon’s education-based entities (93% of K-12 school districts, 46% of charter schools and education service districts, and 100% of community colleges) as well as seven of the state's local governments. OEBB currently provides benefits for almost 150,000 individuals, including actively employed and retired members and their families.

OEBB Vision

OEBB will work collaboratively with participating entities, members, carriers and providers to offer value-added benefit plans that support improvement in members' health status, hold carriers and providers accountable for outcomes, and provide affordable benefits and services.

Key components of the OEBB program are:

  • Support Oregon's health system transformation efforts promoting better health, better care and lower costs.
  • Support improvement in members’ health status through a variety of measurable programs and services.
  • Value-added plans that provide high-quality care and services at an affordable cost to members.
  • Measurable goals and programs that hold carriers and providers accountable for health outcomes.
  • Encourage members to take responsibility for their own health outcomes.
  • Collaboration with participating entities, members, carriers and providers that ensures a synergistic approach to the design and delivery of benefit plans and services.
  • Benefits are in compliance with all state and federal laws and support participating entities’ ability to comply with healthcare-related laws and regulations.

Oregon Health Authority Mission Statement

The mission of the Oregon Health Authority is helping people and communities achieve optimum physical, mental and social well-being through partnerships, prevention and access to quality affordable health care.

The Health Authority will transform the health care system of Oregon by:

  • Improving the lifelong health of Oregonians
  • Increasing the quality, reliability, and availability of care for all Oregonians
  • Lowering or containing the cost of care so it's affordable to everyone

Each division of the Oregon Health Authority also has a specific area of focus to support the agency mission.

OHA Agency Summary (pdf)

Coordinated Care: The Oregon Difference

Through the Coordinated Care Model (CCM), Oregonians are experiencing improved, more integrated care. With a focus on primary care and prevention, health plans using the coordinated care model are able to better manage chronic conditions and keep people healthy and out of the emergency department.

Key elements of the coordinated care model include:

OEBB works diligently to incorporate these elements into all OEBB medical plans, but they are particularly evident in the structure of the Moda Health Synergy and Summit plans as well as the healthcare delivery system inherent in the Kaiser Permanente plans.

Learn more about the Coordinated Care Model and Oregon's efforts in this area on the Oregon Health Policy Board website.