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Healthier Together Oregon: 2020-2024 State Health Improvement Plan

HTO Sun.pngThe purpose of Healthier Together Oregon is to advance health equity.

Healthier Together Oregon (HTO) identifies population-wide priorities and strategies for improving the health of people in Oregon. HTO serves as the basis for taking collective action on key health issues in Oregon.

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HTO Sun.pngEl propósito de Healthier Together Oregon es promover la equidad en la salud.

Healthier Together Oregon (HTO) identifica las prioridades y estrategias de toda la población para mejorar la salud de las personas en Oregon. HTO sirve como base para emprender acciones colectivas sobre problemas de salud clave en Oregon.

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Oregon will be a place where health and wellbeing are achieved across the lifespan for people of all races, ethnicities, disabilities, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic status, nationalities and geographic locations.


  • Equity and social justice
  • Empowerment
  • Strengths-based
  • Authentic community input
  • Accountability 

Oregon PartnerSHIP

The Public Health Division convenes the PartnerSHIP to develop and oversee implementation of Healthier Together Oregon. The PartnerSHIP is made up of representatives of priority populations and implementers of the plan. As of spring 2021, the PartnerSHIP has been been reformed to support implementation. 

For more information including member info and meeting information about the reformed PartnerSHIP visit our PartnerSHIP Committee page.

Learn about our process for developing our 2020-2024 plan.

Resources and Contacts

HTO in Action

A series of online events that provide opportunity for partners to learn more about the strategies and activities outlined in HTO.

  View upcoming events

Community Health Assessments & Plans

Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs), local health departments and hospitals also develop and implement Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs) and Assessments (CHAs). 

  Visit our CHIPs & CHAs page for information and resources

Success Stories

Do your local health priorities align with the SHIP?
 Share your stories of success and inspire other communities to address the leading causes of death and disability in Oregon.

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