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State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP)

Everyone in Oregon should have the opportunity to lead long, healthy and meaningful lives.

Oregon's state health improvement plan (SHIP) addresses the leading causes of death, disease, and injury in Oregon through evidence-based and measurable strategies intended to improve the health of all people in Oregon by 2020.

2015-2019 SHIP Documents

Health Priorities

Oregon’s state health improvement plan uses data from the state health indicators to build a set of priority areas for improving the health of everyone in the state. The SHIP includes seven health priorities, listed below. Progress is updated annually.

Community Health Assessments & Plans

Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs), local health departments and hospitals also develop and implement Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs)and Assessments (CHAs). 

View Oregon Community Health Needs Assessments & Improvement Plans Map

Success Stories

Do your local health priorities align with the SHIP?
 Share your stories of success and inspire other communities to address the leading causes of death and disability in Oregon.

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