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Public Health Modernization

Upgrading Oregon's Public Health System

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FEATURED: Public Health Accountability Metrics Baseline Report

Oregon leads the nation in tracking the efforts of the public health system to improve health outcomes. In 2017, Oregon's Public Health Advisory Board established a set of accountability metrics to track progress toward modernization of Oregon's public health system. These metrics emphasize Oregon’s population health priorities, help identify when goals aren’t being met, and identify where public health can work with other sectors to achieve shared goals. The 2018 baseline report provides an in depth look at how Oregon's public health system is doing on meeting these goals.

Public Health Accountability Metrics Baseline Report, March 2018

Public Health Modernization wheel graphic In order to support the health of all people in Oregon where they live, work, learn and play, we need to upgrade our public health system. Public health modernization ensures basic public protections critical to the health of all Oregonians and future generations – these include protection from communicable disease and environmental risks, health promotion, prevention of chronic diseases and injury, and responding to new health threats.

In July 2015, the Oregon legislature passed House Bill 3100; this bill implemented a new model for public health in Oregon based on recommendations made by the Task Force on the Future of Public Health Services in 2014. House Bill 3100 set forth a path to modernize Oregon’s public health system. The legislature showed its ongoing support for public health modernization during the 2017 session by passing House Bill 2310. House Bill 2310 describes how public health modernization will be implemented in the coming years and put in place new requirements for demonstrating progress toward meeting population health goals in Oregon.

Public Health Modernization Resources

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Modernization Manual

Public Health Modernization Administrative Rules

Regional Partnership Grantees

Guiding Principles for Collaboration

Accountability Metrics

Oregon’s Public Health Advisory Board (PHAB) has established a set of accountability metrics to track progress towards the modernization of Oregon’s public health system. 

Modernization Assessment Report

Modernization Plan

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Case Studies

Task Force Report

National Resources

Foundational Public Health Services

Aligning National Public Health Initiative

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