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County Triennial Review

Information and Guidance

Triennial Review Tool for vital records management (Word document)
Revised July 2019

The Vital Records County Triennial Review is a tool used to support and ensure County compliance with Oregon law. The majority of vital record laws are found in Chapter 432 – Vital Statistics, and administrative rule Chapter 333, Division 11. Criteria for compliance includes:

  1. County requirements;
  2. Issuance of vital records requirements; and
  3. Security, access, and confidentiality requirements.

Instructional Memorandum 2016-06: Vital Records Triennial County Review (PDF)
Revised June 2016

According to ORS 432.035, "The county and local registrars and their deputies shall: (1) Comply with all instructions of the State Registrar of the Center for Health Statistics." The purpose of the Instructional Memo is twofold:

  1. To address several compliance issues which have long been part of County Vital Records reviews, but which do not have a specific citation in statute or rule; and
  2. To inform County staff of procedures for the Oregon Vital Events Registration System (OVERS).

Instructional Memorandum 2017-10: County and Deputy County Registrar Roles and Responsibilities (PDF)
New as of November 2017

The purpose of this Instructional Memo is to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the county registrar and deputy county registrar. It is a supplement to the Instructional Memo 2016-06 linked above and does not replace it.