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Results by Race and Ethnicity

2002/2003 School Year

Participating students were asked "How do you describe yourself (select one or more responses)".

The groups in the list below reflect the six choices students were given. Students were counted in each category they chose. For example, of nearly 300 11th grade students who marked 'American Indian', 49% chose only that race, 40% marked one additional race and 11% marked two or more other racial or ethnic groups.

Note: The response tables for each group are presented as PDF for ease of printing.

Warning: All information was reported if at least 50 participants answered a particular survey question. Caution should be used in interpreting any numbers or making statistical comparisions where less than 200 teens answered a question.

   8th Grade    11th Grade   
American Indian or Alaska Native    PDF PDF
Asian    PDF PDF
Black or African American    PDF PDF
Hispanic or Latino    PDF PDF
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander    PDF PDF
White    PDF PDF