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Tribal Tobacco Policy

American Indian and Alaska Natives experience a disproportionate burden of commercial tobacco use and commercial tobacco-related diseases. Commercial tobacco-free policies, systemic screening and cessation referral and treatment services can counter commercial tobacco marketing that targets tribal communities.

Tribal Housing

Multi-unit Housing


  • Tribal Tobacco Policy Workbook -- created by the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, this workbook has served as a resource for tribes throughout North America to write, pass and enforce tobacco-related policies.
  • Smokefree Events Toolkit -- The Smokefree Events Toolkit, developed by the Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest (NARA), is a great resource for anyone planning, hosting, or advocating for a smokefree powwow or other event. The toolkit includes advocacy, publicity, and enforcement materials.


  • Keep It Sacred - The mission of the National Native Network is to enhance the quality and performance of public health systems to reduce commercial tobacco-related illnesses and cancer disparities among American Indian and Alaska Native populations.
  • Walking Toward the Sacred: Our Great Lakes Tobacco Story - This document contains some of the traditional tobacco stories and teachings, information on traditional (ceremonial) tobacco, differences between traditional tobacco and commercial tobacco, instructions on how to grow traditional tobacco, and information about commercial tobacco harms.

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