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Person Responsible for Dispensary (PRD)

How to change a PRD

What is a PRD?

A PRD is a "Person Responsible for a Dispensary." This means any individual listed as a PRD on the application who is directly involved in managing the day-to-day operations of a dispensary and meets the qualifications in OAR 333-008-1075 through 333-008-1078.

More than one PRD can be listed, however there can only be one Primary PRD (see below).

What is a Primary PRD?

A Primary PRD is an individual who:

  • is designated as the primary point of contact for dispensary;
  • is authorized to receive any and all communications and legal notices from the Oregon Health Authority;
  • meets the qualifications in OAR 333-008-1075 through 333-008–1078; and
  • is involved in the day-to-day operations of the dispensary.

Only one person may act as a Primary PRD, and a dispensary must have a registered Primary PRD in order to operate.

Apply to Change PRD

Under OAR 333-008-1078, a PRD Change Form must be submitted to remove, change, or add a PRD or Primary PRD.


To remove or change an existing PRD, or to assign a current PRD as a Primary PRD:

  • Upload the form to your online account - OR - mail the form to the address below.


To add a new PRD or Primary PRD, you must submit the following information for the individual being added:

  • Copy of valid State Driver License, State Identification Card, or U.S. Military Identification
  • Background check fee and required information, as outlined on the Background Check page. Note that background check documents are sent to the Background Check Unit at a separate address.


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Include your MMD# on every item sent to the OMMP program.