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Patients: Making Changes to your Registration

When and How to Notify OMMP of Changes

When is a change request is needed?

Patients must notify OMMP in writing within 10 days of any changes to:

  • Mailing address
  • Grow site address
  • Caregiver or grower designations

After cards are issued, a $100 replacement card fee is required to:

  • Designate or add a caregiver or grower
  • Designate or update the grow site address

The grower card will not be issued until the grow site registration fee payment is received. If the payment is not received by the due date, the grower and grow site will be removed.

The grower card will be mailed to the grower after the grow site registration fee payment is received.

Note: The replacement card fee is reduced to $20 if the patient submits proof of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or proof of having served in the Armed Forces of the United States.

No fee payment is required and cards will not be reissued for the following change requests:

  • Change mailing addresses
  • Remove a caregiver
  • Remove a grower/grow site

To submit a change request

  • The patient must submit by mail a Change Form (pdf).
  • Be sure to sign and date the form.
  • Submit copies of valid photo ID (pdf) for any NEW caregiver or grower added to registry.
  • At this time, change requests cannot be made online.

**Please keep a copy of the documents you submit.**

Need help? View our Frequently Asked Questions.

Withdrawing from OMMP

A cardholder may withdraw from OMMP at any time by submitting a signed request by mail.

  • All cards must be returned to the OMMP within 7 calendar days of the date that the OMMP was notified of the withdrawal.
  • It is the responsibility of the patient to notify his/her caregiver and/or grower that his/her card is no longer valid.

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