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ACDP and Health Equity

Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention Section Mission Statement
Adopted March 2019

We believe that all people should have an equal opportunity to be free from communicable diseases and their health effects. Our mission is to protect, preserve, and promote the health and well-being of those living in Oregon. Through collaboration, we focus on exploring ways communities who have experienced historical injustice, trauma, or socio-economic disadvantage can empower themselves.

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How ACDP Advances Health Equity

The Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention (ACDP) section works to identify how we promote equal opportunity to achieve the highest attainable level of health for all populations. In 2016, we convened an ACDP health equity working group (HEWG) which meets monthly. This group advances health for people in Oregon by identifying and implementing projects and priorities related to health equity in infectious disease and preparedness. This page describes that work.

Our approach includes the following principles:

  • We acknowledge the past and present role of government in creating inequities and doing harm to communities of color and tribal and indigenous communities in Oregon, leading to historical and ongoing trauma.
  • We envision an Oregon where all community members thrive and racial inequities are eliminated.
  • We believe government has a primary role in disrupting and dismantling these systems, and it is crucial to address systemic inequalities faced by our communities.

To achieve these principles, we lead with race. This aligns with the approach of targeted universalism as we reduce disparities for priority populations, we will improve overall well-being for our community. Opening with racial equity as a goal will promote equity for all people in Oregon.

In 2019 we completed a Health Equity Assessment (pdf). The report is being used to identify priority areas for the ACDP 5-year strategic plan.

Learn more: Health Equity Work Group

REAL D Data Collection Toolkit

The Race, Ethnicity, Language and Disability (REAL D) policy applies to all Oregon Health Authority and Department of Human Services programs that collect, record, and report demographic data. These data collection standards provide a consistent method to gather information across all state data systems and will help us notice and address health disparities.

View the Real D Training Modules and Toolkit


In April 2019, ACDP's Health Equity Work Group awarded six mini-grants to address communicable disease (CD) health disparities in local communities. The funds were awarded to local public health authorities to support implementation of CD projects that address community health disparities among groups that have experienced major obstacles associated with socio-economic disadvantages and historical and contemporary injustices. Grant funds went toward implementation of a direct service in the community. The total amount granted was $40,067.81.

Learn more: Mini-grants

Foundational Knowledge

Guiding Concepts

Guiding Practices

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