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Tuberculosis Program

Working to Stop the Spread of TB in Oregon

About the TB Program

Our mission is to eliminate TB in Oregon in partnership with local public health and private medical providers. Our goals are to:

  • Identify and treat TB disease in Oregonians;
  • Prevent new cases of TB by identifying, evaluating, and treating people who have been exposed to infectious TB disease;
  • Screen people at high risk for TB infection.

The TB Program provides technical assistance and training, facilitates lab testing, supplies TB medications to local public health partners, funds supportive services for people with TB disease, and compiles data to track disease trends.

Key facts about Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB disease can affect any part of the body but usually affects the lungs. TB disease was once a leading cause of death in the United States. Worldwide, TB still causes more deaths than any other infectious disease. TB disease can be treated and cured.

TB bacteria are airborne. TB is spread from person to person when someone with TB disease in the lungs or throat coughs, laughs, sings, or sneezes. When this happens, people nearby can inhale the TB germs and become infected. 

Many people have TB germs in their bodies but do not feel sick or have symptoms. This is called latent TB infection (LTBI). People with LTBI can't spread TB, but they may become ill with TB disease in the future unless they take medication to prevent TB.

Signs of TB disease include cough, fatigue, fever, coughing up blood, night sweats, and weight loss. If you are concerned about your risk for TB, please see your physician.

Contact Information

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Contact Us
Phone: 503-358-8516
FAX: 971-673-0178
TTY: 711

Tuberculosis Program
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 1105
Portland, OR 97232

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM