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Radiological Emergency Response

What We Do

The Radiological Emergency Response Program is located in Portland, Oregon. Program staff respond to approximately 100 emergency calls each year. The staff will answer questions, advise actions, and if necessary, respond to any radiological emergency within the state of Oregon.

Public Health Radiological Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Contacts


Call the Oregon Emergency Response System (OERS) at:

  • 800-452-0311
  • 503-378-6377 (IN SALEM)

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name of reporter and agency
  • Contact telephone number
  • Type of incident and radiation source involved
  • Location and time of incident
  • Background and how the incident occurred
  • Radiation activity reading (if available)
  • Severity of incident (any injuries, threat to people, property or the environment)
  • On-scene contact and how to reach them
  • Actions taken (containment, evacuation, etc.)
  • Responsible party and telephone number

Additional Program Contacts

  • David M. Howe, Section Manager
  • Todd S. Carpenter, Administration and Licensing Manager
  • Richard A. Wendt, Operations/Emergency Response Manager

Special DOT Permits

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