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North Ridge Estates

In the summer of 2002, over 49 tons of asbestos-containing material (ACM) were removed from the surface of 30 lots in the North Ridge Estates subdivision three miles north of Klamath Falls.

The ACM is from the demolition and burial of the Marine Recuperational Barracks, a complex of over 80 buildings constructed in 1944 to provide care for soldiers recovering from tropical diseases.

DEQ contacted the Environmental Health Assessment Program (EHAP) to assess the health risks from exposure to fibers in the soil from ACM fragments.


EHAP investigated the site and completed a Public Health Consultation - PHC (pdf) in 2003 which concluded that, due to the known health risks from exposure to friable (brittle or crumbling) asbestos, and due to the volume and extent of site coverage of friable ACM fragments on the site now and in the past, North Ridge Estates is considered a past and present public health hazard.

Existing and potential physical hazards at the site are considered a public health hazard as well. The PHC also includes recommendations for a more specific site assessment, including sampling of soil for asbestos fibers and lead. Two follow up health consultations were completed (see reports on this page); the first addresses health hazards related to the presence of lead and the second identifies and responds to community concerns of the affected community.

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