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Tracking Home Visiting Effectiveness in Oregon (THEO)

About THEO

Tracking Home Visiting Effectiveness in Oregon (THEO) is a data system that collects home visiting data, provides case management features, and tells the story of home visiting services.

Monthly Updates

August Update 2019

Project Status:

  • EHS/HFA training was completed 9/3. 
  • EHS/HFA rollout is in progress and will be complete in September 2019.
  • EHS/HFA and Babies First!, CaCoon and NFP monthly updates will be separated now that EHS/HFA agencies are directly using the THEO system.  Babies First!, CaCoon and NFP will continue to receive Project Status Updates.
    - EHS/HFA agencies will receive monthly updates that will include helpful tips, notifications about releases and other helpful information regarding the THEO system.
    - Babies First!, CaCoon and NFP will continue to receive Project Status Updates to provide information to prepare for the transition to THEO and what to expect as we move forward. 
  • State staff will be coordinating check-calls with each MIECHV funded EHS/HFA agency.  See below for details.

    Federal Reporting- MIECHV funded agendies

    We are currently beginning the process of preparing the MIECHV data for the federal annual reporting which we will submit to HRSA on October 30, 2019.  Please assure that you have entered all MIECHV client data by 9/23/19 for inclusion in the annual reporting.

      MIECHV funded NFP agencies:

      In preparation for annual reporting to our federal partners, all MIECHV data and forms must be securely transmitted to Tina Kent no later than close of business Friday September 13, 2019.

      Thank you very much for your assistance in promptly reporting MIECHV data!

      EHS/HFA Check-in Calls:

      Our office will be contacting each MIECHV funded EHS/HFA agency to coordinate check-in calls 6-8 weeks after you are entering data directly into THEO. The purpose of the call is to assess the transition and assure that each agency has the support they need for successful adoption.

      Release Notes

      Release notes will be sent out for system updates that will be implemented soon.  Release notes may be found on the THEO Training Resources webpage. 

      Previous Release Notes
      May 23, 2019                    

      Password Resets

      Need to reset your password?  Follow the steps in the Password Reset Instructions included on the THEO Training Resources webpage.

      Note:  After 5 attempts to reset a password without success, your account will become locked.  If you are having difficulty resetting your password, contact Application Support after your 4th attempt.

      Babies First!, CaCoon and Nurse Family Partnership- THEO Rollout Schedule update

      Babies First!, CaCoon and NFP THEO Rollout is scheduled to begin with an Early Adoption phase in April 2020.  Rollout to all agencies is scheduled for June-August 2020. 

      • An agency from each program will be asked to participate in early adoption (Babies First!, CaCoon and NFP). 
      • Details regarding preparation for the transition to THEO, training and support, along with a detailed rollout schedule will be provided as we move closer to rollout.   


      Transition to the THEO system will include many changes for home visiting agencies as they move away from the use of other systems and paper forms to THEO, and as state staff transition fully to THEO.  MCH staff will provide training before, during and after the transition to ensure that End Users understand how to use the system effectively.

      Training opportunities will be ongoing and flexible throughout rollout to fit the needs of End Users.  Continuing education opportunities for End Users, new agency staff, and THEO updates will be provided with regular frequency and as needed after rollout and initial training needs are met.  

      Do you have questions or need help?

      Contact Application Support through email:   or phone971-673-0382

      THEO webpage: 

      Frequently Asked Questions
      We have been using feedback and questions that we receive through training and application support to build out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the webpage.  Take a look- you may find the answer you are looking for!  Do you have a question that you would like us to add to the FAQs?  Let the Application Support team know through email or phone.

      Prior Updates

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      Application Support

      Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


      Frequently Asked Questions

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