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Birth Control: Choosing the method that's right for you

A plain language brochure available in English and Spanish. This online version can help you navigate through many birth control options with your clients and has links to local Oregon resources. This is a great online companion to the print version found in all Title X clinics. If you would like more printed brochures, contact Malika Edden at

English Spanish

Oregon Reproductive Health Services: What you need to know!

This is our dual sided Reproductive Health Program client brochure to provide detail about eligibility, available services, and where clients can go to get services. When printed, the brochure is 8.5 by 14 inches. If you would like to order printed brochures, contact Malika Edden at

English/Spanish English/Spanish version 2 Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Vietnamese Korean

Pathways to Care: Helping Your Clients Access Free Reproductive Health Care

This dual sided 8.5 by 14 inch poster is for community based organizations to understand the referral pathways for free services. If there are organizations in your area you would like to send them to, contact Malika Edden for printed copies at


Pocket Tips for Trusted Adults to Talk About Sex and Sexuality

This dual sided resource, adapted from Mary Gossart of Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon's "Twenty Pocket Tips for Parents," has great tips on how family members and other trusted adults can talk to the young people in their life about sex and sexuality.


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Birth Control: It's Your Choice

A low literacy level brochure that offers a brief overview of 16 birth control methods, important messages, and referral information. We now have two English versions to choose from.

English English version 2 Spanish Russian

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Emergency Contraception

An overview of emergency contraception, its effectiveness, when to use it, how it works, side effects, and where to get it. We now have two English versions to choose from.

English English version 2 Spanish Chinese Vietnamese Russian

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Birth Control Implant

A low literacy brochure that describes the birth control implant, how it works, benefits, how to use it, side effects, how well it works, risks, and removal.

English (color) English (b/w) Spanish (color) Spanish (b/w) Russian (color) Russian (b/w)

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Calcium fact sheet

Fact sheet about calcium written at a low literacy level in both English and Spanish.

Calcium fact sheet (updated March 2017)

Teaching Tools

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Effectiveness of Family Planning Methods

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention birth control effectiveness chart.


Order Your Own Birth Control Teaching Kit



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Oops! Emergency Contraception: Birth Control that Works after Sex

A poster, designed by Bedsider and the UCSF School of Medicine, that describes three types of emergency contraception.

English (color)

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Don't be Scared...Be Prepared

Order English and Spanish emergency contraception posters/flyers.

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Claim Your Dating Rights!

Increases awareness of healthy relationships and identification of signs of abuse. Download and print (11 x 17, color).


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