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RH Program Policies and Protocols

RH Program agencies are required to follow written administrative policies binders-policies-and-procedures.jpgand clinical protocols that have been approved by the RH Program. The help agencies meet this requirement, the RH Program developed the below administrative policies and clinical protocols. Agencies must adopt or adapt these policies and protocols, keep them updated, and review them annually to meet the RH Program Certification Requirements.
Please read and follow the Protocol Instructions to adapt and adopt these protocols for your agency.

Administrative Policies

Most administrative policies have been revised since their initial release in August 2015. To view a record of which have been revised and what types of revisions were made, view the Administrative Policy Revision Spreadsheet. The policies with bolded dates and titles have been updated. 

Policy Date
Scope of RH Program 1/31/19
Program Administration and Management 1/1/18
Community Participation, Education, and Project Promotion 1/1/18
I & E Advisory Committee 6/30/16
Mandatory Reporting 7/1/15
Quality Assurance/Improvement and Program Evaluation 1/1/18
Pharmacy - Ordering, Controlling, and Storage of Meds and Devices 3/1/17
Financial: Financial Policies and Procedures 1/1/18

Clinical Protocols

Most clinical protocols have been revised and updated since their release in August 2015. To view a record of which protocols have been revised and what types of revisions were made,  view the Clinical Protocol Revision Spreadsheet. The protocols with bolded dates and titles have been updated. 

Note: If your agency cited different national standards of care than those cited by the RH Program, your agency will be responsible for keeping your protocols up to date.

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