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Plan Review

Requirements & Resources

Plan reviews are mandated by PDf iconOAR 333-061-0060, and must be submitted to and approved by Drinking Water Services before construction of a new system or major additions or modifications to existing systems can occur. View the PDf iconWater System Plan Review Requirements for more details. Resources related to plan review requirements are listed below:

Fee Schedule

See Table 1 for the schedule of plan review fees. All appropriate fees are required to be submitted before the plan review process can begin. 

Payment Options: 

  • Pay by check: Make checks payable to "OHA Drinking Water" and mail it with all plans and required information to:
    Attention: Plan Review
    OHA Drinking Water Services
    800 NE Oregon St, Ste 640
    Portland, OR  97232-2162

  • Pay by credit Card: You can mail all plans and required informaiton to the address above, or email documentation to 

Table 1. Plan Review Fee Schedule
Effective January 1, 2016
Nature of Plan Community Water System
serving ≥ 300 connections
Community Water System
serving <300 connections and
Non-Community Water System1
Water Source $3300 $825
Water Treatment:    
Surface Water Filtration $3300 $825
Disinfection $825 $248
Corrosion Control $825 $248
Other2 $825 $248
Distribution $3300 $825
Storage $3300 $825
Combination two or more3 $4125 $825
Master Plan $4125 $825
Corrosion Control study $4125 $825
As-built plans & certification statement No additional fee if original plans reviewed
1 Number of connections is based on water system size not on how many connections are served by the project
2 Examples include: arsenic or nitrate removal, disinfectant residual maintenance, coagulant injection.
3 Projects submitted jointly will be issued joint conditional and final approvals.

Land Use Statement

Certain plan review approvals for drinking water projects affect land use with city and county comprehensive plans and land use regulations.

Plan Review Information Packages

The PDf iconWater System Plan Review Requirements (mentioned above) is a document generic to all plan reviews. To provide more focused assistance, especially for submitters having little or no experience with the plan review process, Drinking Water Services is developing "information packages." These packages are provided below:

Plan Review Exemption

Plan review exemption for water main extensions may be available for some community water systems.

Project Final Approval Request Form

To close out a project and request final approval from DWS, fill out the request form and email it to the appropriate DWS plan review engineer.

Waiver from Construction Standards

As provided under PDf iconOAR 333-061-0055 (end of page 26), Drinking Water Services may grant waivers from construction standards under some conditions. The construction standards waiver application is available as a fillable MS Word or PDf iconPDF document.

UV, Membrane, & Cartridge/Bag - Verified Models

Drinking Water Services reviews validation tests and challenge studies from vendors of UV, membrane and cartridge/bag technologies in order to determine if they are compliant with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Long-Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2) criteria. Lists of reviewed and verified models are provided below:

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