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The Oregon ScreenWise Program works with a statewide network of providers that offer a variety of breast cancer, cervical cancer, and genetics services for uninsured and underinsured patients. Our mission is to reduce cancer burden by promoting early detection, evidence-based care, risk factor screening, education, linkage to medical treatment, and surveillance for the public.

For more information on program details and operations, see the ScreenWise Program Manual.

The ScreenWise Program, as part of the Adolescent, Genetics and Reproductive Health (AGRH) Section commits to working towards racial equity by addressing racism, acknowledging implicit bias, and shifting how we do what we do. We accept that our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) means a commitment to constant learning – we will make mistakes, but we are determined to learn from them and to improve.

Read our commitment to racial equity.

Patient Eligibility – Effective May 1, 2018

A patient must meet the following requirements to be enrolled in ScreenWise:

  • Age:
    • Age 21-49 and needing breast or cervical cancer diagnostic services¥.
    • Age 50 or older and needing breast or cervical cancer screening or diagnostic services.
  • Location¥¥: A patient must live or intend to live in Oregon.
  • Insurance status¥¥: A patient must either have no health insurance OR have health insurance, but not enough to cover their needs.

For further guidance on eligibility changes please see the 2018 Eligibility Change FAQ document. For general program guidance or further questions, providers can contact the ScreenWise program at 971-673-0581.

¥  Need for diagnostic services to be determined by clinician
¥¥ Location, Income and Insurance information is self-declared by client

Provider Services

  • Enroll patients into ScreenWise;
  • Conduct patient screening, diagnostics and referrals;
  • Refer eligible women with a qualifying cancer diagnosis to the Oregon Health Plan for treatment;
  • For diagnosed women ineligible for Medicaid, identify and refer to free or low-cost sources of treatment.

Looking for a Provider?

  • Call 1-877-255-7070

All providers in the ScreenWise network must adhere to Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs).

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