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Family Health History Resources

What is a Family Health History?

Family health history is a written or graphic record of the diseases and health conditions present in your family. Family health history is a useful tool for understanding health risks and preventing disease in individuals and their close relatives.

Learn more about Family Health History from the CDC

Family Health History Worksheets

  • Cancer Family History Questionnaire
    This three-page document from Cancer.Net can help capture your cancer family health history. If there is exceptional cancer history, further detail can be included in the additional notes.
  • Family Health History Questionnaire
    Genetic Alliance developed this resource to help guide you through conversations with your family. This tool can also be a good resource for family members that might not be comfortable discussing their health information in person or over the phone.
  • Healthcare Provider Card – Summary of family health history
    Genetic Alliance developed this resource to help talk with your
    health care provider. One side of the card focuses on concerns you have about your family health history. The other side has resources for your provider on how to best use your family history information to determine your risk of getting a disease.

Talking with Family Members

  • Sharing Diagnosis
    Sharing a diagnosis with your family and loved ones can be difficult. Genetic Alliance, in partnership with Genzyme, created a series of booklets to help you share your own health information with your family.

Family Health History Toolkits and Resources

  • My Family Health Portrait
    This web-based tool from the U.S. Surgeon General's Family History Initiative helps families to collect and share their family health history information in a private way.
  • Kintalk
    Developed by genetic counselors at University of California San Francisco, Kintalk is an educational and family communication site for individuals and their families with hereditary cancer conditions.
  • Genes in Life
    Genetic Alliance developed a collection of resources to guide you through the steps of collecting your family health history and sharing the information with your family and healthcare provider.
  • Your Family Health History
    Information and resources from the March of Dimes, including a health history form to fill out and share with your health care provider.

Oregon Factsheets on Family Health History

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