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Northwest Regional Newborn Bloodspot Screening Program Advisory Board

Advisory Board Information & Recruitment

The Northwest Regional Newborn Bloodspot Screening (NWRNBS) Program is creating an Advisory Board to assist with modernization of Oregon's newborn bloodspot screening. We are seeking individuals interested in participating as an Advisory Board member whose expertise or experience aligns with a category listed for Board Representation. 

Advisory Board members will:
  • Provide advocacy, advice, and recommendations
  • Provide technical information based on members' respective areas of expertise.
  • Assist with strategic planning.
  • Help develop policies and priorities.
  • Review services provided, including the addition or removal of tests, and provide recommendations. 

What Can Advisory Board members Expect?
  • Serve a two or three year term
  • Attend two Advisory Board meetings per year, one of which will require all members attend in person
  • Participate in additional meetings as needed
  • Agree to serve on the Advisory Board in accordance with the Advisory Board Charter.
  • The NWRNBS Program will manage the administrative tasks for the Advisory Board.

To Apply to Serve on the Advisory Board:
Complete the Application to Serve on the NWRNBS Program Advisory board. Applications are due by April 12, 2019
You may apply in one of two ways:
  1. Download the Application Form (docx). Complete by hand or type into the form.
  2. Use the web form application to fill out your application online.


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