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Northwest Regional Newborn Bloodspot Screening Program Advisory Board

General Information

In accordance with ORS 433.299, the Northwest Regional Newborn Bloodspot Screening (NWRNBS) Program has created an advisory board to assist with modernization of Oregon's newborn bloodspot screening. The Advisory Board Charter provides more information. 

The Advisory Board:
  • Provides advocacy, advice, and recommendations
  • Provides technical information based on members' respective areas of expertise.
  • Assists with strategic planning.
  • Helps develop policies and priorities.
  • Reviews services provided, including the addition or removal of tests, and provide recommendations.

Upcoming Meetings

No meetings are currently scheduled. Meeting details will be posted here when available.

Past Meetings

Advisory Board: April 27, 2022
Advisory Board: February 23, 2022
Special Meeting: January 31, 2022
Advisory Board: November 1, 2021
Advisory Board: July 12, 2021
Advisory Board: March 1, 2021
Advisory Board: November 16, 2020
Advisory Board: June 29, 2020
Advisory Board: February 4, 2020
Workgroup: December 12, 2019
Advisory Board: October 4, 2019
    Advisory Board: July 18, 2019