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New User Enrollment

Sign up for ALERT IIS Access

In order to access and use the ALERT IIS system, you must be associated with an organization that has an established ALERT IIS profile.

Immunization Provider Access

  1. If your clinic or pharmacy is new to using ALERT IIS, you will need to register your facility
  2. Complete training for your expected role and print certificate of proof.
  3. Read the Confidentiality Policy.
  4. Each individual user must complete the Individual User Agreement.
  5. Submit the Individual User Agreement and proof of training to your organization’s designated Super User or the ALERT IIS Help Desk at or fax: 971-673-0276.

School and Child Care Access

  1. If your School or Child Care Facility is new to using ALERT IIS, complete the Site Agreement form.
  2. Read the Confidentiality Policy.
  3. Each individual user who will be utilizing ALERT IIS must read and sign a School Individual User Agreement
  4. Watch a training video and print the certificate at the end of the video.
  5. Send the site and user agreements along with your training certificate to the ALERT IIS Help Desk.

Download School Enrollment Steps

Don't see your organization?

Please contact the ALERT IIS Helpdesk at:
971-673-0275 (Portland metro area)

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