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ALERT IIS Training

Required Introductory Training

To enroll as a user of ALERT IIS you will first complete the following steps. Depending on the type of access needed, new users will need to complete the school/child care training, the query-only training or the standard training.

  1. Do the training as needed for your role
  2. Print out appropriate certification materials
  3. Read the Confidentiality Policy
  4. Complete the Individual User Agreement
  5. Submit the certification material along with the completed Individual User Agreement form to the ALERT IIS Help Desk at or fax: 971-673-0276 or via mail:
    ALERT IIS Help Desk
    800 NE Oregon St. Suite 370
    Portland OR 97232
Training videos will not work in Google Chrome. Please use a different web browser.


Beyond the Basics

Once you have user access in ALERT IIS, there are additional trainings available to expand your skill set.

Training Topic Method of Delivery Description
Vaccine Management
Vaccine Inventory Video or Live webinar Overview of the ALERT IIS inventory module
Inventory deduction Video Troubleshooting electronic inventory deduction
Inventory borrowing Video Troubleshooting vaccine inventory borrowing
Ordering Vaccine Video How to Order Vaccine in ALERT IIS
Accountability Report
*Super User access and VFC clinics only
Live Webinar Quick assessment of compliance and at-a-glance look at doses reported, expired, spoiled, wasted, or transferred.
Ad Hoc Report Live webinar In-depth look at vaccine inventory reporting and patient lists
See inventory deduction and borrowing videos above also.
Assessment Report Video Summary of clinic immunization rates.
Benchmark Report Video Identify patients not up-to-date with immunizations.
Reminder/ Recall report Video Identify and notify patients soon due or overdue for vaccines

If users have completed the above trainings and need a quick refresher or would like a quick reference guide for running a report, check out the tipsheets page which includes downloadable PDF files.

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