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ALERT IIS Training

Required Introductory Training

To enroll as a user of ALERT IIS you will first complete an introductory training based on your desired level of access. New users can complete the query only training or the standard training depending on the level of access desired.

Additional Training

In addition to the introductory training, you may need additional training in managing vaccine inventory, completing vaccine orders and running advanced reports. More information on those trainings is listed below.

Vaccine Inventory Training

This training is for clinics using the inventory management functions of the ALERT IIS. The training covers setting up your inventory in the system, entering administered doses from inventory and monthly reconciliation.

Vaccine Ordering Training

This training is designed for clinical staff who use ALERT IIS to order state-supplied vaccine.

Advanced Reports

Intended for clinical staff who are interested in improving immunization data quality, assessing vaccine inventory reporting accuracy and improving immunization rates for their clinic patient population.

These reports include Assessment report, Benchmark report, Reminder/Recall report, Ad Hoc Report, and Accountability Report. Training on all of these reports is optional.

If you have completed the above trainings and need a quick refresher or would like a quick reference guide for running a report, check out our tipsheets page which includes downloadable PDF files for your use.

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