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Pharmacy Protocols

Oregon Pharmacy Protocols for Immunization

Note to pharmacists:
The following Pharmacy Protocols for Immunization are reviewed yearly. Generally, updates are made as new recommendations are published by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

An interim protocol is published when clinical guidance is needed but the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommendations haven’t yet been published in the MMWR. The interim protocol will be replaced with a final protocol once the recommendations are published.

Some of the current model immunization and pharmacy protocols have expired. The Oregon Immunization Program (OIP) is in the process of reviewing these expired protocols for updates. OIP anticipates having this completed by January 31, 2023.

Until that time, with the approval of the Immunization Program’s medical director, OIP is extending the expiration date to January 31, 2023. OIP does not anticipate that the needed updates to these protocols are significant or that following the currently published protocols as written will cause any issues. Please direct any questions to


Please read through all the protocols carefully. If you decide to change any part of them, your changes must be submitted in writing to Amanda Timmons and approved by the OHA Immunization Program.

If you have any questions about these revised protocols, please contact

Please read the Disclaimer.

NOTE: These are PDF files that require Adobe Reader software to be read and printed.

Vaccine/biologic Date of Last Revision
Guidelines for managing adverse eventsSeptember 2022
CholeraDecember 2022
COVID-19October 2023 Updated!
Hepatitis A &TwinrixOctober 2023 Updated!
Hepatitis B
Pediatric Formulation
Adult Formulation

August 2023
September 2022
Hib and combo vaccinesAugust 2023
HPV vaccines (9vHPV)August 2023
Influenza (IIV 2023-24 - Interim)August 2023
Influenza (LAIV 2023-24 - Interim)
August 2023 
Japanese EncephalitisNovember 2022
Meningococcal A, C, W, Y and B
August 2023
MMR/MMRVApril 2023
Pneumococcal VaccinesSeptember 2023 
PolioJanuary 2023
Polio for Travelers December 2022
Rabies (inactivated)June 2022
RSV VaccineOctober 2023 Updated!
TB and live vaccines November 2022
Tdap and Combo Vaccines (Tdap ≥7 yrs)
November 2023 Updated!
TyphoidDecember 2022
Varicella-containing vaccinesSeptember 2021
Yellow fever (optional)March 2023
Zoster (Shingrix)February 2022
Sites for Administration of VaccineNovember 2022
Table of ContentsNovember 2023 Updated!
Multiple Signature PageApril 2019


Regarding Yellow Fever

Certified immunizing pharmacists in the state of Oregon are now eligible to apply for the Uniform Stamp and Yellow Fever Center Agreement. Get more information: Administering Yellow Fever and other travel vaccines.