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New Clinic Enrollment

“ALERT IIS saves time and resources in our busy practice, allowing us to focus on patient care and to avoid time-consuming record requests. My clinic staff knows at-a-glance what shots have been received and even more importantly, what shots are due that day.”
Jay Rosenbloom, M.D., Ph.D., FAAP

This page is to enroll organizations in ALERT IIS. If your organization is already enrolled and you need to add a new user, go to the New User Enrollment page.

Enroll in ALERT IIS

Complete the following steps to enroll an organization:

  1. Read the Confidentiality Policy.
  2. Complete a Clinic/Medical Site Agreement and turn into the ALERT IIS Help Desk.
  3. Designate someone in your office to be a super user (if enrolling a medical clinic). This person will act as administrator for setting up all new users and managing accounts. Super users will complete all standard user training as well as super user training.
  4. Have all users of ALERT IIS read, sign, and submit Individual User Agreement forms to the ALERT IIS Help Desk.
  5. Users must then complete all applicable training based on their expected role.

Practices that use an Electronic Health Records
If your practice uses an Electronic Health Record system (EHR), consider setting up data exchange with ALERT IIS. To learn more about how to connect your EHR to ALERT IIS, visit the Data Exchange page.